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My Brother MFC 8860 DN needs a fuser replacement
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My Brother MFC 8860 DN needs a fuser replacement
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Posted by Joan Bergstrom on 3/26/11 9:42pm
Msg #377599

My Brother MFC 8860 DN needs a fuser replacement

The printer has printed thousands of documents, should I just replace it or buy a fuser?

What is a fuser and does anyone know the cost?

Brother want me to call them (per their user guide) and that's the last thing I want to do.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 3/27/11 7:37am
Msg #377608

Hi Joan..

A quick google search shows the part probably goes for $150-$200 or so - are you able to replace it yourself or will you need to take it to someone for replacement, incurring labor costs. For me that would bring it up to $265, maybe more....I'd probably opt for a new machine for that money....

MHO and good luck.

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 3/27/11 7:57am
Msg #377610

Wow Joan...I just clicked over to Amazon to

look for something else - THEY have the laser fuser units for $600 and the assembly for $250...

<<cough>>> Wow...

Reply by jba/fl on 3/27/11 8:06am
Msg #377611

that would make up my mind - in a hurry!

Sorry, Joan, I am not laughing at your plight - but having 2 Brothers plus a 5 in MFC, I can see what I would do if faced with replacements....brand new under warranty.

Reply by Joan Bergstrom on 3/27/11 10:39am
Msg #377618

Re: that would make up my mind - in a hurry!

I will be buying a new printer today. Thanks for the help!

Reply by Linda_H/FL on 3/27/11 10:47am
Msg #377619

LOL...don't blame you!! n/m

Reply by Calnotary on 3/27/11 4:16pm
Msg #377628

Joan in your message 1546368...

Is this the MFC you are now retiring? How many pages did you print with this printer?

I purchased one of these a few days ago when Staples was having a sale,rebate and instant discount and I end up paying 179.99

It was priced at 299.99
less 50.00 mail in rebate+50.00 to return a used printer+ 20.00 instant discount

I end up paying 175.99+tax because when I return the used printer and the manager was not able to process my order at the store but they told me that it will show in my CC statement and in fact it show a few days later a credit of 54.00 instead of the 50.00

Pretty good deal I think.

Reply by Joan Bergstrom on 3/27/11 6:00pm
Msg #377634

You got a terrific deal!

This is the printer I was going to replace. I bought a HP from a former notary student of mine for $100 and gave it to my daughter in law because her printer crashed.

I got about 119,000 pages out of 8860DN and I think I replaced the drum unit 3 times. I am going to buy another MFC 8860 listed on Ebay. The last drum I replaced is good for another 25,000 pages

Reply by yani_fl on 3/27/11 7:05pm
Msg #377639

Re: My Brother MFC 8860 DN is printing black streaks

with no error message. Does anyone know if I need to replace the drum or something else? I have googled the issue but cannot find any solutions. TIA

Reply by Ron Raynor on 3/27/11 8:27pm
Msg #377642

Re: My Brother MFC 8860 DN is printing black streaks

If you are getting black streaks you do need to replace your drum.

Reply by Ron Raynor on 3/27/11 8:25pm
Msg #377641

I have this exact same printer, I recently just had to replace my fuser. The fuser is what adhears the toner to the paper. You can print about 100,000 pages before you have to replace the fuser. It cost me 160.00 for a new fuser and you have to take it to an authorized brother dealer, it is not a part that you can buy from brother. Also you might what them to replace the paper feeder because it runs out about the same time.

Reply by Larry/IL on 3/28/11 7:38am
Msg #377656

I have a Brother 8460 and love it. Bought a new fuser off Ebay for $45. Came with instructions on how to replace. Took me about an hour and I have printed another 30,000 pages since. On a scale of 1-10 for difficulty i would give it a 5, instructions I received and what I found online made job fairly straight forward.

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