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Law Firms
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Posted by Chuck Clark on 8/20/13 1:58pm
Msg #481212

Law Firms

Just a small vent: I have been stiffed by yet another "LAW FIRM". You would think that a "LAW FIRM" is going to do the right thing. Guess not. Anyway, I think I am through with any outfit that has the term: "LAW FIRM" in it.

Reply by Notarysigner on 8/20/13 2:03pm
Msg #481216

You also could entry and win a three inch "beard growing" contest before you will be paid, they are notorious about late payments. IMO

Reply by CopperheadVA on 8/20/13 2:28pm
Msg #481226

When dealing with attorneys, it helps to know the right buttons to push. See Msg #325273

Reply by LKT/CA on 8/20/13 4:09pm
Msg #481249

I totally agree

Someone said in a thread a day or two ago that an attorney told them it's a joke to complain to the bar association. Of course an attorney would say that in hopes they don't file a complaint against them. I hired an attorney once - she was lazy, put in little effort and wouldn't return my calls. I told her assistant I was ready to file a complaint with the CA bar assoc. and would also contact the DA's office. I guess that was enough to light a fire under her - she didn't ignore me that time and I got most of my retainer refunded.

It works!!

Reply by CopperheadVA on 8/20/13 7:42pm
Msg #481311

Re: I totally agree

I played the bar association card on another attorney's office that was ignoring all my emails inquiring about payment. I sent them a copy of my letter written to the bar association and emails were no longer ignored! Payment received soon after!

I found that I must be careful to word my complaint that the attorney failed to fulfill contractual obligations, or something along those lines.

Reply by Eric Andrist on 8/20/13 5:17pm
Msg #481275

Do a lot of you work for attorneys?

If so, how did you go about getting the work?

Reply by LKT/CA on 8/20/13 8:28pm
Msg #481317

Re: Do a lot of you work for attorneys?

Yes, I notarize for attorneys and met them when I networked through the Chamber of Commerce in my city. Also, law offices in my area find me on search engines.

Reply by ikando on 8/21/13 12:30pm
Msg #481386

Re: Do a lot of you work for attorneys?

I've been working with attorneys as a freelance legal assistant as well as a notary. I get calls from out-of-state/area lawyers to help with a variety of situations. If I haven't had a relationship with them before, I usually get a credit card to charge. (I have issues with PayPal, so usually don't offer that.) Sometimes if there is no rush, and they don't want to give a credit card, I request a check for my minimum fee be sent before I do the job. If the job entails more than my minimum, I send an invoice.

In over ten years, I've only had one attorney who did not pay, and the work I did for him was for a political campaign, which he lost. He happens to run in my circle of contacts, but I've kept my cool and not brought it up to him as it was a while back. But if he ever asks for help again, you can bet he'll be reminded of my unpaid invoice.

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