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Harmony Escrow Inc. took 53 days to pay
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Harmony Escrow Inc. took 53 days to pay
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Posted by SheilaSJCA on 5/23/13 5:33pm
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Harmony Escrow Inc. took 53 days to pay

Finally received payment for a purchase that closed 4 days after I signed the buyers. Contacted ; a personal check from maybe a family member (same last name as escrow contact person) who is a notary business MNJ Notary,as shown on the check. Different address from title company.
The check is dated for 5/16/13 the day I called to complain. Weird how they overnighted the check to me last night, after sitting on it for another week Escrow? Letting their employees run notary payments thru a 3rd party that was not on the settlement statement.

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