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Arkansas Notary Seal Embosser
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Ideal® is the industry's leading embosser and the Model M is a step up from the less expensive No. 1, which many stores carry.

Handhelds are great for notaries on the go while desk models are best if you don't travel.

The Ideal Model M is a heavy-duty hand notary seal embosser which produces clean, crisp impressions on most paper stocks.

This embosser offers a high degree of leverage, longer paper insertion than entry-level models such as the No. 1, and a die-insert that is interchangeable with the Desk model. When you purchase the Model M handheld embosser, you will also receive a black carrying pouch.

The Ideal Model M Desk embosser features a larger body and is meant to sit atop your desk. Embossments are a bit easier with the desk style due to the greater degree of leverage it offers.

When you order the Model M hand held or Desk model, it will come with a die insert engraved with your notary commission information. If your commission information includes an expiration date, you will simply need to buy a replacement insert when your new term begins.

The Insert listed in our store is just that - the insert ONLY. If you purchase an insert, you should already have an Ideal Model M seal handle to place it in.

Embossers are sometimes called paper crimpers. In many states, an embosser alone is sufficient to perform a notarization; in others, they may only be used in conjunction with notary seal stamps.

What does the law say about the Arkansas Notary Stamp?
Arkansas Notary Handbook
Each notary public must have a seal of office, which can be either a rubber stamp or a metal embosser. The seal must include
  1. his/her name as written in his/her official signature,
  2. the name of the county where his/her bond is filed,
  3. the words “notary public” and “Arkansas” and
  4. the date of expiration of the notary’s commission

Beginning January 1, 2006, the commission number assigned by the Arkansas Secretary of State must also be included. The seal must be clear and legible, and capable of photographic reproduction. When using an embosser, it is advisable to use an ink pad or carbon over the seal so that it can be photocopied. It is not lawful to purchase a notary seal showing the Great Seal of Arkansas or an outline of the State of Arkansas. You will be required to purchase another.

Arkansas Notary Law
21-14-107. Signature - Seal.
    1. At the time of notarization, the notary public shall sign his or her official signature on every notary certificate.
    2. The official signature shall be the signature on file with the Secretary of State at the time of signing.
    1. Under or near a notary public's official signature on every notary certificate, the notary public shall provide a seal of his or her office, which shall be either a rubber stamp seal or a seal embosser. The seal shall be clear and legible and capable of photographic reproduction.
    2. The seal shall include:
      1. The notary public's name exactly as he or she writes his or her official signature;
      2. The name of the county where the notary public's bond is filed;
      3. The words "notary public" and "Arkansas";
      4. The date upon which the notary public's commission expires; and
      5. The notary public's commission number issued by the Secretary of State if the notary public has been issued a commission number.
  1. A notary seal shall not include the Seal of the State of Arkansas or an outline of the state.
  2. The seal and certificate of the notary public commission are the exclusive property of the notary public and must be kept in the exclusive control of the notary public.

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