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Notary Profile
Gerard Ashton   -   Castleton, VT

I focus my work on serving people in my local area, especially in connection with my role as a justice of the peace and elections. I generally only do notarizations in situations where charging a fee is not called for.

I am very familar with office software. Due to my technical background and interest in digital signatures I participated as an observer in the revision committee for the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts.

Recent notary education

I have taken a 3-hour course on cryptography fundamentals from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Related position

I have been elected a Justice of the Peace for Castleton, Vermont, so I am allowed to perform marriages throughout the state. However, I don't perform marriages except in emergencies.

Public key

I have a key pair for public key cryptography. Vermont does not yet allow notaries to notarize electronically, but my key pair can be used for encrypted communications or to sign documents other than notarizations. The SHA1 fingerprint is 5B 15 49 AF B0 2C 7E 88 6A 42 CB 42 25 B6 9C 7D 0C 4D 09 C1.

  View Original  This profile was last updated on 3/27/2023.

Phone NumbersInternet Addresses
Notary Fax:515.724.6223
E-mail:Please try back during normal business hours

783 Belgo Rd
Castleton, VT 05735

Notary Details
Has Laser Printer:Yes

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