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Notary Rotary offers insurance products nationwide. If you need assistance with your notary bond or insurance purchase, please contact us at 877-349-6588.
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Bonds Bonds, E&O Insurance and Signing Agent E&O Insurance

State Notary Bond Notary E&O Insurance High-limit Notary E&O Insurance Signing Agent E&O Insurance
A notary bond protects the public and is required to become a notary or renew a notary commission in many states.Limits up to $100,000

Fast, electronic delivery available
Limits up to $2 MillionDesigned to fill the gaps left with traditional Notary Errors & Omissions Insurance, which only provides coverage for the actual notarizations in a loan package.

AlaskaBuy an Alaska Notary BondBuy an Alaska Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Alaska Signing Agent E&O Policy
AlabamaBuy an Alabama Notary BondBuy an Alabama Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Alabama Signing Agent E&O Policy
ArkansasBuy an Arkansas Notary BondBuy an Arkansas Notary E&O PolicyApply
ArizonaBuy an Arizona Notary BondBuy an Arizona Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Arizona Signing Agent E&O Policy
CaliforniaBuy a California Notary BondBuy a California Notary E&O PolicyApply
ColoradoBuy a Colorado Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Colorado Signing Agent E&O Policy
ConnecticutBuy a Connecticut Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Connecticut Signing Agent E&O Policy
District of ColumbiaBuy a District of Columbia Notary BondBuy a District of Columbia Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a District of Columbia Signing Agent E&O Policy
DelawareBuy a Delaware Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Delaware Signing Agent E&O Policy
FloridaBuy a Florida Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Florida Signing Agent E&O Policy
GeorgiaBuy a Georgia Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Georgia Signing Agent E&O Policy
HawaiiBuy a Hawaii Notary BondBuy a Hawaii Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Hawaii Signing Agent E&O Policy
IowaBuy an Iowa Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Iowa Signing Agent E&O Policy
IdahoBuy an Idaho Notary BondBuy an Idaho Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Idaho Signing Agent E&O Policy
IllinoisBuy an Illinois Notary BondBuy an Illinois Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Illinois Signing Agent E&O Policy
IndianaBuy an Indiana Notary BondBuy an Indiana Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Indiana Signing Agent E&O Policy
KansasBuy a Kansas Notary BondBuy a Kansas Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Kansas Signing Agent E&O Policy
KentuckyBuy a Kentucky Notary BondBuy a Kentucky Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Kentucky Signing Agent E&O Policy
LouisianaBuy a Louisiana Notary E&O Policy
MassachusettsBuy a Massachusetts Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Massachusetts Signing Agent E&O Policy
MarylandBuy a Maryland Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Maryland Signing Agent E&O Policy
MaineBuy a Maine Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Maine Signing Agent E&O Policy
MichiganBuy a Michigan Notary BondBuy a Michigan Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Michigan Signing Agent E&O Policy
MinnesotaBuy a Minnesota Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Minnesota Signing Agent E&O Policy
MissouriBuy a Missouri Notary BondBuy a Missouri Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Missouri Signing Agent E&O Policy
MississippiBuy a Mississippi Notary BondBuy a Mississippi Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Mississippi Signing Agent E&O Policy
MontanaBuy a Montana Notary BondBuy a Montana Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Montana Signing Agent E&O Policy
North CarolinaBuy a North Carolina Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a North Carolina Signing Agent E&O Policy
North DakotaBuy a North Dakota Notary BondBuy a North Dakota Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a North Dakota Signing Agent E&O Policy
NebraskaBuy a Nebraska Notary BondBuy a Nebraska Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Nebraska Signing Agent E&O Policy
New HampshireBuy a New Hampshire Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a New Hampshire Signing Agent E&O Policy
New JerseyBuy a New Jersey Notary E&O PolicyApply
New MexicoBuy a New Mexico Notary BondBuy a New Mexico Notary E&O PolicyApply
NevadaBuy a Nevada Notary BondBuy a Nevada Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Nevada Signing Agent E&O Policy
New YorkBuy a New York Notary E&O PolicyApply
OhioBuy an Ohio Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Ohio Signing Agent E&O Policy
OklahomaBuy an Oklahoma Notary BondBuy an Oklahoma Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Oklahoma Signing Agent E&O Policy
OregonBuy an Oregon Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy an Oregon Signing Agent E&O Policy
PennsylvaniaBuy a Pennsylvania Notary BondBuy a Pennsylvania Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Pennsylvania Signing Agent E&O Policy
Rhode IslandBuy a Rhode Island Notary E&O PolicyApply
South CarolinaBuy a South Carolina Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a South Carolina Signing Agent E&O Policy
South DakotaBuy a South Dakota Notary BondBuy a South Dakota Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a South Dakota Signing Agent E&O Policy
TennesseeBuy a Tennessee Notary BondBuy a Tennessee Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Tennessee Signing Agent E&O Policy
TexasBuy a Texas Notary BondBuy a Texas Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Texas Signing Agent E&O Policy
UtahBuy a Utah Notary BondBuy a Utah Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Utah Signing Agent E&O Policy
VirginiaBuy a Virginia Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Virginia Signing Agent E&O Policy
VermontBuy a Vermont Notary E&O PolicyApply
WashingtonBuy a Washington Notary BondBuy a Washington Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Washington Signing Agent E&O Policy
WisconsinBuy a Wisconsin Notary BondBuy a Wisconsin Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a Wisconsin Signing Agent E&O Policy
West VirginiaBuy a West Virginia Notary BondBuy a West Virginia Notary E&O PolicyApplyBuy a West Virginia Signing Agent E&O Policy
WyomingBuy a Wyoming Notary BondBuy a Wyoming Notary E&O PolicyApply

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