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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This page contains the questions we most commonly receive, along with their answers.

Before asking us a question, please review this page to determine if it has already been answered. You may quickly find the answer to your question by using your web browser's Find function. Click Find on the menu bar, then Edit, and enter a keyword from your question.

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I'm locked out of my account—what do I do?

Your account will lock after a number of incorrect password attempts. It will automatically unlock after several hours.
If it is an emergency, contact us—we may be able to unlock your account sooner.

What if I receive an unsolicited password reminder notice?

If you receive a password reminder or activation code from our system that you did not request, it means that someone entered at least one piece of your account information on our Lost Password page when requesting a password or that your information was entered on our Registration Help page.

Our system sent the requested information (password or registration data) to you; it was not provided to them. If you continue to receive account-related reminders that you have not requested, please let us know and we will research it. All reminder requests are logged and we are often able to determine who is requesting your information.

What should I do if I forgot my password and/or username?

You should attempt to use the lost/forgotten password helper:

The page asks for your user name, account e-mail address, account cell phone number, OR fax number.  You only need to provide one piece of information to recover your password and/or user name, so if you forgot your user name and password, you can recover both with one of the three other account details.

You must then choose to receive your account information via e-mail, text, or as a fax.

If the email, cell phone number, and fax number on your Notary Rotary account are no longer current, you must use the Contact Us form ( and request that we contact you to reset your password. For security purposes, we must be able to reach you at a phone number listed on your profile.

Membership Upgrade

How do I upgrade my Basic Membership to Premier?

First, you must login to your Notary Rotary account:

Next, from your home page, click the small blue My Account button. Your membership upgrade options and the cost for each will be displayed Simply follow the instructions.

To read more about membership benefits, click here:

How do I use Paypal to pay for my membership upgrade?

First, you already should have requested to upgrade your membership using PayPal. This should have been done by clicking the My Account button on your home page and following the directions to pay by PayPal.

If you have done this and elected to pay using PayPal, you should have noticed instructions for sending us payment. In short, you must access your PayPal account and send the appropriate membership fee to us at:

If you see a message that states "there are no more membership options available to you," that usually means we are waiting for your PayPal payment. If you no longer wish to send us the membership fees using PayPal, you should use the Contact Us form and request your membership upgrade attempt be reset:

Please remember to include your user name so we know who you are.

How long will my Premier Membership upgrade take to process?

If payment is made by credit card, it will be immediate. If payment is made by check or PayPal, your account will usually be upgraded within 3 days of the date we receive payment.

For new members, your membership term will begin the day the membership upgrade is activated and expire 1 year later.

If you are extending an existing membership that has not already expired, 1 year will be added to the end of that membership.

If you are still listed as Premier, but your membership has technically expired, your extension will be treated as a new membership and will become effective the day we process your upgrade, but you will still receive renewal pricing.

What does the error message about "too many profiles" mean?

  1. Your credit card or bank card was declined, likely because the billing address entered did not match the billing address tied to the card, or
  2. The transaction has been frozen because of invalid information or multiple attempts. Please call or email us for help if you're stuck on the error screen.


How do I remove my profile from your database?

If you are no longer working as a mobile notary and would like your listing removed from our site, follow these steps:
  1. Sign on to your Notary Rotary account using your user name and password:
  2. Click the "Account" button, then click the "Make Changes to My Profile" link in the middle of your Account page. You should now see your personal profile page.
  3. At the top of your profile page, there is a link that will allow you to request your profile be removed from our system. Click that link and follow the instructions.

How do I update my profile?

First, sign on to your Notary Rotary account using your user name and password:

After you have signed on, click the "Account" button. Next, click the "Make Changes to My Profile" link in the middle of your Account page. You should now see your personal profile page. Make your changes, scroll to the bottom and click the Update button.

You will be returned to your home page.

How do I upload a profile photo?

To upload a profile photo, login to your account, click the Account icon, then click the "Make changes to my profile" link to access the profile page.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue Change> icon next to the word "Photo." Follow the instructions to browse for and upload your photo.
If you receive a message that the operation was successful but you still do not see your photo, it is likely the image file is too large and needs to be resized before uploading.

What does the "unable to geocode" message mean?

If you have recently registered or if you have changed your address under My Profile, you may see a message on your home page that reads:
"Unable to geocode your address" or "Unable to find your address on a map"

This means our system attempted to determine the map location ("geocode") of your primary address, but was not successful. This sometimes occurs if:
  1. You have not entered a standard or valid address, or
  2. Your address is in a new subdivision.
If you see the message, please take a moment to confirm your Primary Address under the My Profile link. If you are certain it is a valid address and in proper form, you can probably disregard the message.

If the system cannot find your address, it will defer to your ZIP code. Either way, you should still show up in searches. (Unless both your address AND your ZIP code are wrong or if there is another problem, such as the "Hide my profile" box being checked under the My Profile screen.)

Why does my profile say "Number of Signings: 0?"

The Number of Signings displayed on your home page is a count of the work orders you are tracking through Notary Rotary. Work orders (or signings) is a feature of Signing Central. Signing Central is that part of our website that signing services, title and escrow companies can use to manage their notary orders. YOU, the notary, can also enter orders independent of them if you would like to track your business.

This feature was first introduced in 2002 as the Document Management System. It exists under the Work Orders tab.


Can I have multiple listings?

A single notary should maintain a single listing only, using the address that you are most frequently available at or driving from.

We sometimes make exceptions for notaries commissioned in more than one state. Contact us for details.

I don't have text or fax capabilities.

In order to complete the registration process on our web site, you must provide a cell phone number capable of receiving text messages or a fax number. This is the ONLY way you will be able to receive your activation PIN.

If you do not own a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages and you do not have a fax line, we recommend you enlist the help of a friend or relative with a compatible device. You may also consider contacting your local shipping store (FedEx, Kinkos, UPS Store, etc.) to ask about incoming fax services.

I'm having trouble activating my account.

After completing the registration process, our system will send a Registration Code and instructions to the e-mail address you provided. If you do not receive it within 30 minutes, please check your spam settings and e-mail spam folder.

At the same time, our system will send an Activation PIN to your mobile phone number or fax number. That PIN is also required to activate your account.

If you did not receive one or both of these messages, you should look for help here:

Find a Notary

Can I purchase a higher listing under the Find a Notary tab?

The Find a Notary tab displays Premier Members first, followed by Basic Members. Each group of members is sorted by distance to the ZIP code being searched.

If you are a Basic Member, you can move into the Premier Members section by upgrading.

If you are a Premier Member, there is nothing you can do to change your display order.

In both cases, it is important to keep in mind that your profile will probably display in multiple ZIP codes and you will likely be in a different location in each. (Sometimes toward the top, sometimes toward the bottom.)

Also, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you keep a complete and current notary profile: a picture/logo, if available; notary comments; at least 2 contact methods; etc. If your profile is incomplete, you will almost certainly be skipped over for a notary with a more complete profile.

What does "exceeded maximum allowed searches" mean?

ALL membership types are currently limited in the number of searches allowed per day. Notary accounts are more limited than others because searching is not a primary benefit of membership. (The foremost benefits are a] a personal notary directory listing, and b] supply discounts.)

If you are NOT a notary and are exceeding the search limit, then your Notary Rotary account is probably not coded properly. Signing services, title and escrow companies, lenders, etc., have their own account types and should be searching under them. A basic signing service account, for example, will have access to considerably more searches and profiles views than any notary account.
If your account is not coded properly, you must let us know using the Contact Us page. We will research your situation and respond accordingly.

Why am I not displaying under Find a Notary?

First, you should sign on to Notary Rotary and click the My Profile link. Make sure you have answered "Yes" to the "Are you a mobile notary question?" Next, the box beside "Hide profile from searches" must NOT be checked. For your profile to display, the options must be set as:

Are you a mobile notary? YES
Hide profile from searches [ ]

If you select "No" or if you check the box, you will not be displayed.

Finally, keep in mind that only the nearest 25 Premier Members and 10 Basic Members to the search location will display in the results. Although unlikely when searching your own ZIP code, it is possible you will not be listed among the 25 Premier Members or 10 Basic Members closest to the ZIP code.

Why isn't there a blue bar by my name?

The blue bar reflects your Notary Rotary Candidate Index (NRCI) score. The NRCI is based on your Notary Rotary profile and account activity, so if you're new to the site, haven't completed your profile, and/or haven't updated your profile recently, your blue bar will be short or absent.
Your NRCI score will improve as your notary account activity increases.

Please see this page for more information:


How do I add a forums alias / screen name?

If you would like to use a pseudonym / handle / moniker / alias / screen name when posting to our forums, here's what you must do:
  1. Sign on to your Notary Rotary account.
  2. Click the My Profile link at the top of the page.
  3. Scroll to the Forums Options section toward the bottom of the profile page and enter a screen name in the box next to Forums Alias.
  4. Make sure the "Default Identity" option is set to "Forums Alias."
  5. Click the Update button at the bottom of the page.
Make sure there were no update errors. If you were returned to your home page, your update was successful; if you are still on the My Profile screen, an error occurred saving your changes. One possible error is that the forums alias you chose was already in use.

Next, keep in mind that your alias CANNOT be changed once it has been set. If you plan to post something you might regret later, DON'T. You will not simply be able to change your identity to disassociate yourself from a negative post.

Once you have saved your alias, it should display as an "Author" option when posting new messages to the forum.

How do I link my profile to my forums post?

When posting a message on the Notary Talk Discussion Forum, you must highlight the box next to your name or alias marked “Add Link to my Profile” and you must NOT post as Anonymous.

NOTE: In order for other users to actually see your profile, it must be visible. In other words, you must also display in ZIP code searches under the Find a Notary tab. This means you have designated yourself as a Mobile Notary in your profile and have NOT hidden your profile by clicking the “Hide profile from searches” box.


Does Notary Rotary have a link exchange program?

No, at this time, we do not have any type of formal link exchange program. However, notaries listed on our site may link directly to their Notary Rotary profiles using the PRO Link feature, available after logging in. To the extent those profiles may contain an outside web address, some degree of reciprocity is achieved.

What do I do if I have changed my name?

It depends...

If you have purchased NOTARY SUPPLIES from us and have changed your name, you may need new supplies, an amended bond, etc. Please refer to the rules governing name changes in your state to determine your course of action. If you find that you need a new seal, you will need to purchase it. If you need an updated bond and have purchased from us, in most cases, we can revise it and send it to you at no cost.

If you need to update your NOTARY LISTING on Notary Rotary, you may do so by signing in and clicking the My Profile link.

There is a separate FAQ that addresses forums aliases (also known as "handles" or "screen names").

Where can I get a W-9 for Notary Rotary?

Right here:


Can I fax or e-mail the paperwork you need to make my seal?

Please refer to the specific instructions in our store for your state.

Choose your state and click the Enter Store button. You should see instructions on the first page.

If you are ordering from California, you MUST send us the original Certificate of Authorization you were given by the State. That's the one with blue text, NOT the gold foil commission certificate.

Where should I send my Certificate of Authorization?

If you are in California and need to send us a Certificate of Authorization in support of a seal order, the preferred method is to send it via U.S. Mail to our post office box. Alternatively, you may send it to us via Fed Ex or UPS. Both addresses are listed on our Contact Us page:

We usually receive First Class mail from California in 3-5 business days.

Will my Certificate of Authorization be returned to me?

If you are a California notary, the answer is no.
The California Secretary of State requires that we return that certificate to them and that it include impressions of any seals we have manufactured for you. It must be returned within 30 days, so in no case will we have it longer than that.

If you need to purchase another stamp, you may request another COA from the Secretary of State by writing to them. Please refer to your Notary Handbook for details.

What can I do with my Offer Code?

If you have an Offer Code and would like to place an order, enter your state and Offer Code in our Notary Rotary store. Your discount will be applied to qualifying products as you shop; discounts may not apply to notary packages, bonds and E&O policies, and some other products.
Alternatively, you may call us to place an order.

If you have placed an order within the last 30 days and just now received an Offer Code, email or call us with your order number and Offer Code for a retroactive discount.

Only one Offer Code may be applied per order.

Where can I order Signing Agent or High Limit E&O Insurance?

Signing Agent Errors and Omissions and High Limit insurance options are available in our store. However, it is not currently available in all states.

For a quick overview of the availability by state, please visit our Insurance Center:
Notary Rotary Insurance Center


Can I track my shipment?

If you shipped via FedEx, UPS, or USPS Priority Mail, you may track your shipment online using the tracking number on the receipt and/or shipping notification we emailed you. If you never received a receipt or shipping notification, call or email us and we'll send one out.

If you shipped via USPS First Class mail, you CANNOT track your shipment.

Can you send my supply order via guaranteed overnight?

We can send your order by UPS or FedEx using your account or ours, as well as USPS Express Mail. In most cases, Express Mail will be the most cost effective, especially for Saturday delivery. Expedited shipping options should be available to you during the checkout process. If not, or if you have already placed your order and need it to arrive faster, please be sure to call to confirm: 877-349-6588 x500.
If you have an account for us to use for UPS or FedEx please, call, email or fax us.

For your reference, most orders ship either the same or the next business day. Some products, such as Xstampers, may take several days. Once the order is ready to ship, USPS Priority Mail (our normal shipping method) generally arrives in 2 - 3 days. USPS First Class Mail will typically arrive in 3 - 5 days.

Here are some common turnaround times:
  • Electronic Delivery of E&O Insurance Only: Same or Next Day by E-mail
  • UPS Next Day Air of Notary Bond: Next Business Day by Noon
  • First Class Delivery of E&O Insurance Only: 3 - 4 Business Days
  • Priority Mail Delivery of Notary Journal Only: 2 - 3 Business Days
  • Priority Mail Delivery of Brother Notary Stamp: 2 - 3 Business Days
  • Priority Mail Delivery of Xstamper Notary Stamp: 5 - 7 Business Days

Can you send part of my order ahead?

If your order is time-sensitive (i.e. you need your bond ASAP to file), we can divide your package into separate shipments—just call us with your request.
However, any upgrade in shipping will be made at your expense.

How do you determine shipping methods and pricing?

We offer the following shipping methods because they're fast and we can pass any savings on to our customers:
  • USPS First Class Mail (up to 13 ounces), Priority Mail, or Express Mail
  • UPS 2nd Air or Next Day Air
  • FedEx
We cannot ship via Media Mail because that shipping method is only to be used for educational materials.

If you have shipping price concerns, please contact us.

How long will my notary supply order take to arrive?

If your order includes an item that requires paperwork from your state, such as a California Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seal, then you should receive your order 2 - 3 business days after we receive the original certificate from you (with the exceptions listed below).

If the order does not require such a certificate, then you should receive it within 2 - 3 business days of ordering. Most orders are processed either the day they are received or the following day.

If your order includes an embossing seal, you should add 1 business day.

If your order includes an Xstamper, you should add 3 - 4 business days.

In all cases, if you provided a valid e-mail address when you placed your order, you should receive an e-mail notice from our system once it ships. Please make sure your spam blocker is allowing messages from the domain.

If you placed your order after 10am and need your products to ship same day, please call us to confirm receipt of your order.

Signing Central

When will you update Signing Central?

We last updated Signing Central, as a whole, September 1st, 2015.
Our updates were based on web information for the companies listed and phone calls.

We need your help to keep information current. Please rate companies you work with in Signing Central and leave public comments for other notaries to see (don't worry—all comments left in Signing Central are anonymous). If you know that a listed company no longer exists or that their contact information is stale, please post as much. You may also email with any updates. We will update listings after we attempt to verify the information provided.

Why isn't my company on Signing Central yet?

If you have submitted a request to add a company to Signing Central, rest assured we have received your request and are currently processing it. Please be patient; it takes time to review and add company requests.

If you are not a company that hires notaries, you will not be added.

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