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If You Lost or Can't Remember
Your Account Information...

You may use this page to recover your information in 3 easy steps! If you are having trouble activating your Notary Rotary account for the first time, click here.

Step 1

Please enter whatever you can about your Notary Rotary account. If you can't remember any of your details and you are listed in our mobile notary directory, try searching your ZIP code to view your profile.
What is your user name?
What e-mail address did you list on your account?
What mobile/cell phone number is on your account? ex. 515-555-5555
What fax number is on your account? ex. 515-555-7777

Step 2

How would you like us to send your account information?
E-mail my account infoAs an e-mail to the e-mail address on my Notary Rotary account.
If electing this option, please ensure that your e-mail account is configured to accept e-mail from the domain.
Text message my account infoAs a text message to the mobile/cell phone number on my Notary Rotary account.* My cell phone is listed on my profile as my:

Mobile Number
Preferred Phone
Business Phone

* Note: Your mobile phone carrier may charge a small fee for the incoming message. A typical fee would be $0.05.
Fax my account infoAs a fax to the fax number on my Notary Rotary account.

Step 3

Confirm this request and click OK to initiate the research
This request is being made from IP address on 6/21/2024 at 8:54:30 AM CST. Please allow us at least 30 minutes to research your request. By clicking the box next to "I AGREE" below, you affirm that you are the rightful owner of the account for which you are requesting information or a duly authorized party.
Click the OK button to complete the request.

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