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Notary Rotary Candidate Index (NRCI)

The Notary Rotary Candidate Index (NRCI) is a score ranging from 200 to 800 based on a mathematical formula designed to identify the notaries who will be most likely to assist Notary Rotary site users. The score is based on each notary's profile and account activity and is NOT an indicator of performance, professionalism or customer satisfaction. In other words, the NRCI is not a rating of the notary, but of the notary's account on Notary Rotary. The factors that weigh most heavily on the NRCI are the completeness of each profile, along with how current the profiles are.

If you are a notary public and would like to increase your Candidate Index, we strongly suggest you keep your profile complete and current (we recommend updating at least every 3 months), and that you take advantage of all the features Notary Rotary has to offer. Ideally, profiles should include:
  • Comments that describe your capabilities, experience, availability, coverage area, any special considerations, the types of documents you are willing to notarize, and anything else you would like to add.
  • A complete address.
  • A minimum of three contact methods, including e-mail, phone and fax.
Note that ALL members have the ability to attain a score of 800.

NRCI Scores
IndicatorScore Range
Pending Score
200 - 349
350 - 499
500 - 649
650 - 800

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