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123 Notary Membership - $$$$$
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123 Notary Membership - $$$$$
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Posted by Maria Elena/Fl on 7/12/05 9:08am
Msg #51175

123 Notary Membership - $$$$$

I was re-searching about the membership and their fees ?

I believe is to expensive $200 +++ $300 +++

I think I am going to register for the $39 - What do you think ?

Reply by Ernest_CT on 7/12/05 9:16am
Msg #51180

I don't know about the benefits of 123Notary membership, but I can tell you that the $39 that you spend for Notary Rotary will be the best investment you'll make.

Reply by Jimmy_FL on 7/12/05 9:25am
Msg #51185

I agree!!! Notary Rotary is the best site by far and very well worth the money!!!!

Reply by Teasa/NY on 7/12/05 9:30am
Msg #51187

I agree with Ernest.

Reply by Charm_AL on 7/12/05 9:31am
Msg #51189

NotRot -number one
123notary - number two...
both very much worth the investment for me.

Reply by rfeliciano on 7/12/05 9:48am
Msg #51199

I use both sites (123 & notary rotary)
when I am looking for a notary for
a customer.

I usually will choose who ever is closest to the customer
by mileage.

Thought you might like to know!

Reply by Ernest_CT on 7/12/05 9:50am
Msg #51200

Thank you! Good to have your perspective! n/m

Reply by DellaCA on 7/12/05 9:51am
Msg #51201

I have recieved calls from both sites.

Reply by MistarellaFL on 7/12/05 10:46am
Msg #51230

I have had more calls/assignments from Notaryrotary than any

Reply by Les/CO on 7/12/05 10:04am
Msg #51208

I just renewed with 123, worth the $ to me.

Reply by Kim_Cali on 7/12/05 10:10am
Msg #51210

Do you have just the basic tier 8 listing with 123 Notary? Interested to know if that method brings in the calls.

Reply by Maria Elena/Fl on 7/12/05 10:38am
Msg #51225

Who ever is a member of the 123 notary- Which membership did you pay for ??

Thanks everyone for your fast response

Reply by Charm_AL on 7/12/05 10:42am
Msg #51228

123notary listing

I got the basic and now that I think about it, it was free because there were less than 4 notaries listed in my zip

Reply by TN Notary on 7/12/05 1:00pm
Msg #51286

Re: 123notary listing

Same here, free bc there were less than 4 notaries listed in my area

Reply by sue on 7/12/05 11:25am
Msg #51245

$19 - lowered it from last year's rate because I don't like where he is headed - letting signing services in NV (with a terrible rep I might add) list in my PA counties indicating the PA counties are "home" counties. he also tried to short me ~1 month on my listing but I had my prior year's paperwork

Reply by Maria Espinoza on 7/12/05 1:34pm
Msg #51314

My profile has been viewed 23 times and no signing yet. any suggestions. I am working on setting up for e-docs, but not sure how that works.

Reply by SamIam_CA on 7/12/05 1:36pm
Msg #51317

Use the search button for help in getting e-doc viewers. Laser printer with PLC6 or PCL6 or some such techno thingy is required. Posts by PAW explain the details.

Reply by Charles_CA on 7/12/05 11:33am
Msg #51249

Re: Notary Membership - $$$$$? NO WAY! Maybe!

I browse a lot of information regarding the businesses I am involved in. I see a lot of certifying agencies in the Signing Agent business, much more so than in any other business I have ever been a member of. It is probably because the whole industry is new, but it reminds me of watching barracuda feeding on a school of mullett. All of these services appear to do nothing but sell classes, certifications, and products. They offer a minimal amount of support relying on the desperation of the newly comissioned to get business to sign up with them and to jump through their particular hoop all with the sole intent of harvesting some income. If I am wrong please correct me but I have yet to see some verified tangible benefit proven on the basis of some quantifiable information that many of these sites are of any value. I actually think that the "Business" to be in is to provide hope to the newly emerging notaries that they might be able to achieve success buy using whatever services one might be able to provide. Selling hope has always proven to do well. Eventually this business will shake itself out and one or two major players will emerge as certifying agencies and they will support a limited field of professional notarys who will all do well.

Reply by Susan/OH on 7/12/05 12:04pm
Msg #51257

Re: Notary Membership - $$$$$? NO WAY! Maybe!

My membership jumped from last years rates at over 200%. I wish I could increase my rates like that, and I don't even get that many calls from the site. I declined from renewing at my same spot as last year, not worth it for me.

Reply by Charles_CA on 7/12/05 12:07pm
Msg #51259

Susan, do you own a site? I'm not sure what you mean

Could you please elaborate a little bit. Do you own one of the schools, or a notary directory site? What membership jumped 200% yours or your sites? What did not renew? I am really curious about what you ment.

Best regards,

Reply by Susan/OH on 7/12/05 4:33pm
Msg #51371

Re: Susan, do you own a site? I'm not sure what you mean

No I do not own a site I was commenting on the increase in price for me to remain in top position with 123 as oppossed to last year and it was an increase of at least 200% over what I paid last year. I told 123 it was ridiculous in so many words especially since I don't get that many calls from it, so I was bumped down to last place I believe, also when I joined 123 last year I bought the top spot at a #10 level or whatever you want to call it now he is selling #20levels which I think is a crock.... I can't justify the cost.

Reply by Ernest_CT on 7/12/05 12:25pm
Msg #51263

I'm also confused about your post. n/m

Reply by SarahBeth_CA on 7/12/05 1:13pm
Msg #51297

Re: I'm also confused about your post. n/m

I'd like to hear from some SoCal members. Is notrot worth paying for in such a saturated area?

Reply by SamIam_CA on 7/12/05 1:28pm
Msg #51308

Re: I'm also confused about your post. n/m

I still have not received a single call from my NotRot listing :( Could be because the zip code of 92160 does not show up as 'valid'.

Reply by SarahBeth_CA on 7/12/05 1:36pm
Msg #51316

Re: I'm also confused about your post. n/m

Sam our zip code changed June 2004. There's still websites that don't consider it valid either.

Reply by Stephanie_CA on 7/12/05 1:39pm
Msg #51318

Re: I'm also confused about your post. Saturated Area

I am in Northern California - the San Francisco Bay Area - talk about saturated......EXTREMELY
However once I upgraded to a Premier member about two months ago, I started receiving manya calls, with assignments from companies I had not worked with - they met my fees and upon working with them, I found out very quickly that they pay in a very timely manner - under 25-30 days. I can see that we are going to have an excellent working relationship and I can thank NotRot and upgrading to a Premier member, so even in highly saturated areas, as I am in upgrading on this site can be very beneficial.


Reply by SarahBeth_CA on 7/12/05 1:44pm
Msg #51320


That's encouraging to hear. Who knows maybe I'll take the plunge after eom.

Reply by Brijoe_WA on 7/12/05 4:04pm
Msg #51361

Re: thanks

if you ask me 123 blows notrot out of the water. They are expensive but it pays for itself. I get 10 times as many calls through 123 than I do being a premier member with notrot which is probably why not rot does not charge as much to be a member.

Reply by Liz on 7/12/05 4:16pm
Msg #51365

Re: thanks

We use Notary Rotary, and gomobilenotary when our data base cannot cover a signing. Love Notary Rotary

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