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N3Notary aka Nationwide Notary Network
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Posted by Lisa/IL on 5/13/07 7:54am
Msg #189993

N3Notary aka Nationwide Notary Network

Has the distinction of the only service that has stiffed me for payment.

I hope they are proud.

Reply by kcg on 5/13/07 8:26am
Msg #189995

Oh, I imagine they are very proud. I envision all the thieves like Melodie and Debbie at Signatures Plus, Chris at LoanSigners, James at PCS and all the other ones running around like peacocks whenever they snare a "sucker" to take on the costs of printing and getting the docs signed for them. I can see them high-fiving each other when some unsuspective signing agent agrees to do the work so they can cheat yet another person.

And for some reason when I picture them, I see them as obese, dirty and unkempt piggies with beady eyes....not sure how they sleep at night but obviously if you don't have a conscience, you just don't have any issues.

Reply by PL on 5/13/07 12:58pm
Msg #190009

Are they in Ohio? n/m

Reply by Ndwa on 5/13/07 5:20pm
Msg #190020

Re: Are they in Ohio? No

I think they used to be Northwest Notary (Marc Greco) in Oregon.

Reply by Lisa/IL on 5/13/07 7:30pm
Msg #190022

They are in Oregon n/m

Reply by PL on 5/13/07 8:52pm
Msg #190027

I used to do a lot of work for Marc

and that doesn't sound like something he'd do. They did pay on th 15th of each month and so it could take 45 to fifty days, depending on the date of the signing. have you talked to Marc?

Reply by Lisa/IL on 5/13/07 10:21pm
Msg #190030

They are waaaay over 45 days.

By Lisa/IL on 4/10/07 8:42pm

So I posted about this company a couple of weeks ago.
They still owe me from January 21, 26 and February 11, 2007.
BUT ---- they have paid another notary from a closing she did after mine, and on the day Tri-Star was ordered to cease.
Stay away, far, far away from this company!

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