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dual tray printers
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dual tray printers
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Posted by Carol Graff on 3/6/09 11:51am
Msg #279824

dual tray printers

I am a new CSA in CA and am trying to find the right printer. I was told dual tray laser is best so I picked out a Brother (not ordered yet) HL-5250DNT. However, I was told by Brother that the printer does not know to print legal when called for or letter. I was told by another notary that you can get that formatted on your computer to automatically feed to the proper tray. Can anyone help mje on this?

Reply by Les_CO on 3/6/09 12:24pm
Msg #279827

I have two HP's.(1320 and 2015) I had a Brother, but had problems with it (I think me rather than the printer). I know of no software (in/on your computer) that will tell the printer what tray to use, I think its in the printer software/drivers. I'd check Office Depot, they are having some pretty good sales on printers now, as is HP itself. Also I would not buy a single tray printer, and order a second tray and try and make it work. Save yourself a lot of problems (if not money) and buy one that id 'dual tray' to start with.

Reply by Dianna Hanson on 3/7/09 1:03am
Msg #279938

I just purchased a Brother HL-5250DN last weekend with dual trays and love it! The drivers to install its control panel should have been included with your printer on a CD. I had to instruct the printer which tray is for legal and letter on the master printer control that is part of my OS. It has cut my time in printing at least by 1/2 or more. I also have a single tray Samsung ML-2510 that lets me run it at the same time the Brother is running. Both of these models can use refillable cartridges.

Reply by nancykay_mo on 3/6/09 12:40pm
Msg #279829

I have a Brothers HL 5150DLT and it chooses which size paper it wants for notary jobs. It is all in how you program it. I had some trouble do that part and Glen here on nr helped me. Now is works like a dream. Cant imagine how I got by without it before.

Reply by Carol Graff on 3/6/09 2:24pm
Msg #279845

thanks to all of you for your info. It has helped me so much!

Reply by Gary Boehm on 3/6/09 12:55pm
Msg #279831

dual tray printers

I recently bought a used HP 2200D dual tray on eBay for $68 and it works great! It has a 500 sheet second tray and switches trays automatically. I still have my HP 3015 All-in-One as a "backup" and in fact I can send documents to both printers at the same time. Be sure and use the USB port (A/B cable) interface and not the parallel interface.

Reply by RickinVA on 3/6/09 1:06pm
Msg #279836

Carol, I have that printer and it choose paper by the size just fine.
If the file was scanned properly, it works; if it was scanned all legal,
then that's the way it will print. It's all in the printer driver. You may
want to confirm by talking to a different tech at Brother.

If you need help setting it up, Let me know. Settings have to be just
right. And, it IS fast!


Reply by Glenn Strickler on 3/6/09 1:27pm
Msg #279838

I have used two Brothers for more than 4 years now without issue. A 5140 and a 5150dl. I like these because the toner cartridge is very easy to refill. Some don't like Brothers because the instructions say you have to replace the drum every 20,000 pages or so. I did buy a spare generic drum from one of the popular vendors mentioned often here, but have yet to install it. An older Brother user than I told me not to replace the drum until print quality suffers, so I reset the page count when the light comes on and keep printing. I have well over 200,000 pages on each printer without replacing the drum. HP printers seems to be the industry standard, though and they do have advantages. But not for me. You have to choose the printer that fits your volume and style and remember, the cheapest is not always the least expensive.

I have also never met a dual or more tray printer that I could not get to work properly, regardless of brand or the program the lender uses to send the docs as long as it is PCL 5 or higher. It's all done under printer properties, then click the accessories tab where you assign paper size to tray. This function will vary a little by the brand of the printer and printer drivers.

Now that being said, as was mentioned before, the people on the other end have to do their jobs properly when the docs are scanned in. If they scan everything as legal, then everything on your end will automatically print legal, and visa-versa. In those circumstances, you can choose the paper size manually and Adobe will adjust the size of the image to fit the page properly on your end, but it isn't worth the trouble. So just make sure you aren't blaming your equipment for a screw-up on the other end.

Reply by Glenn Strickler on 3/6/09 1:33pm
Msg #279839

PS ...

The person that told you that the printer does not know to choose paper size has his head in a flaky position, as we use to say in the army in mixed company. Why would a printer company manufacture a printer that cant choose?

I helped someone on this board, (sorry, I can't remember who) choose the settings for their HL-5250DNT. Perhaps they will read this and speak up.

This review might help you ...

Reply by Letty Marquez on 3/6/09 9:17pm
Msg #279902

Re: PS ...

Hi Glenn,

it wasn't me but since you are offering help. Here is my problem, I have a brother 8460N and even though I read the instructions I can't still make the legal tray to work.

Reply by BrendaTx on 3/6/09 2:08pm
Msg #279842

Re: dual tray printers - It could be a Pebkac problem.

Glenn: "So just make sure you aren't blaming your equipment for a screw-up on the other end."

PEBKAC is an acronym which stands for "Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair".

Reply by BrendaTx on 3/6/09 2:17pm
Msg #279843

Oops...I meant to "wink" n/m

Reply by Mickey_Fan on 3/6/09 2:39pm
Msg #279848


Brenda, I use the acronym PICNIC ... Problem In Chair, Not In Computer. As in, "Well aren't we on a PICNIC today?"

Switching trays is such a hassle ... I would never be without a dual tray printer.


Reply by BrotherOwner on 3/7/09 12:38am
Msg #279935

Carol, I believe you meant to say HL 5250 DNLT. = Duplex, Network ready, Lower Tray(included). As others have said it is best to spend a little more $ and get the LT included version because Brother usually charges $100 or more if you buy the 2nd tray alone as an afterthought. I have a HL 5170DNLT and a HL 5050DNLT. Previous models. They are workhorses, NO paper jams, and cost per page is low, toner cartridges refillable. (, and as others have said, it will choose letter/legal for you. Good luck, Good skill, and Welcome!

Reply by MW/VA on 3/7/09 9:16am
Msg #279956

I've been using the HL5250DNLT for about 6 months and really like it. I gave up on HP printers. The 5250 is super fast & toner is economical. I suggest you get the high-yield cartridges (TN580). There is also a tip posted about extending the life of the toner.

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