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What goes in the blank
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What goes in the blank
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Posted by Carol Chase on 12/5/13 11:17pm
Msg #495250

What goes in the blank

Before me, a Notary Public, on this day personally appeared_____________________________, known to me (or proved
to me on the oath of__________________________)to be the person whose name is subscribed

What goes in the second blank?

Reply by Buddy Young on 12/6/13 12:48am
Msg #495252

the name of the Subscribing witness.

The form is quite different in California, but it appears that this form is used when the signer is not before you and the subscribing witness must swear that he (she) saw the principal sign the document. Consult your handbook because there is more to it than that, at least in California.

Reply by VT_Syrup on 12/6/13 10:12am
Msg #495280

In the stuff I've read, a subscribing witness is different than a credible witness. A credible witness appears together with the principal and swears to the identity of the principal. A subscribing witness meets with the principal when a notary is not available and takes the principal's acknowledgement. The subscribing witness then goes to the authorized government official and swears the principal gave him an acknowledgement. In my state the authorized government official is a judge, but notaries can do it that way in some states.

Reply by Marian_in_CA on 12/6/13 1:14am
Msg #495253

My guess would be a credible witness...

If you needed a credible witness to assist verifying the identity of the signer, which I believe is something you can do in New Mexico, then you'd write the witnesses name in that second line... provided that is a form acceptable for use in NM.

We'd never see anything like that in California, so I'm just guessing. We do use credible witnesses, but their names are never recorded on the notarial certificates. They do go in our journals.

Reply by Buddy Young on 12/6/13 1:35am
Msg #495257

Re: yes, credible witness.

personally appeared is in the certificate, that would be credible witness. I'm guessing too.

Reply by jba/fl on 12/6/13 6:38am
Msg #495263

Attach your own ack....keep it simple. n/m

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