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Discussion involving leisure activities: books, travel, hobbies, sports, Internet fun and more. Please read Msg #1 before posting.

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Msg #32276

2 replies
A chuckle for today
By Linda_H/FL on 9/17/20 7:00pm

I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I am 83 years old and I was in the McDonald’s drive-through this morning and the young lady behind me leaned on her horn and started mouthing something because I was taking too long to place my order. So when I got to the first window I paid for her order along with my own. The cashier must have told her what I'd done, because as we moved up she leaned out her window and waved to me and mouthed "Thank you.", obviously embarrassed that I had repaid her rudeness with kindness. When I got to the second window I showed them both receipts and took her food too. Now she has to go back to the end of the queue and start all over again,

Don't blow your horn at old people, they have been around a long time.

Msg #32260

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Need some advice on Sling TV
By Luckydog on 9/15/20 8:39pm

I am buying a new house and there is no cable installed yet. After adding up the installation, 4 cable boxes and the monthly fee of renting those boxes, the cable and internet, it just seems like a huge money pit only going up and up. I want to get my channels and local TV stations as well. The only thing I found that sounds really good is Sling TV.
Does anyone have experience with this?
The monthly fee is $30.00 a month up to 4 devices used at once, and then just pay for decent internet. It would save me from running cable outlets and the $7.00 a month per box for each room each month. I think that the whole monthly fee for the internet and Sling would be $80.00 a month compared to the $130 and installation.
Any pro's or cons? TIA

Msg #32257

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"Take time now, and drop the tempo..."
By Bear900/CA on 9/11/20 12:47am

I was digging around TCN for something old to watch and came across one of my favorite artists at the Monterey Festival in 1967. Clue: he also wrote RESPECT.

My wife's uncle has always had a side gig band and the uncanny ability to sing like this. Whenever we saw him I would request he play both songs to dance to.

It was fun giving the still young gal, a little spin in the kitchen....


Msg #32256

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did you know that time changes for different species?
By Luckydog on 9/10/20 7:34am

Try to swat a fly and it will soon become clear that they're faster than you. Much faster. But how on Earth do these tiny creatures - with their minuscule brains - outwit us so easily?

Animals see the world around them like a continuous video. But in reality, they piece together images sent from the eyes to the brain in distinct flashes a set number of times per second. Humans average 60 flashes per second, turtles 15, and flies 250.
To illustrate this, have a look at a clock with a ticking hand. As a human, you see the clock ticking at a particular speed. But for a turtle it would appear to be ticking at twice that speed. For most fly species, each tick would drag by about four times more slowly. In effect, the speed of time differs depending on your species.

To a fly, we move in slow motion, that's why it's hard to kill them.

Msg #32250

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Old Lady writing to bank!! You have to read this
By  walthtz on 9/7/20 4:22pm

86-year Old Lady's Letter to Bank

Shown below, is an actual letter that was sent to a bank by an 86 year
old woman.
The bank manager thought it amusing enough to have it published in the
New York Times.

Dear Sir:
I am writing to thank you for bouncing my check with which I endeavored
to pay my plumber last month.
By my calculations, three nanoseconds must have elapsed between his
presenting the check and the arrival in my account of the funds needed
to Honor it..

I refer, of course, to the automatic monthly deposit of my entire
pension, an arrangement which, I admit, has been in place for only
eight years.
You are to be commended for seizing that brief window of opportunity,
and also for debiting my account $30 by way of penalty for the
inconvenience caused to your bank.
My thankfulness springs from the manner in which this incident has
caused me to rethink my errant financial ways.
I noticed that whereas I personally answer your telephone calls and
letters, --- when I try to contact you, I am confronted by the
impersonal, overcharging, pre-recorded, faceless entity which your bank
has become.
From now on, I, like you, choose only to deal with a flesh-and-blood

My mortgage and loan repayments will therefore and hereafter no
longer be automatic, but will arrive at your bank, by check, addressed
personally and confidentially to an employee at your bank whom you must
Be aware that it is an offense under the Postal Act for any other
person to open such an envelope.
Please find attached an Application Contact which I require your chosen
employee to complete.
I am sorry it runs to eight pages, but in order that I know as much
about him or her as your bank knows about me, there is no alternative.
Please note that all copies of his or her medical history must be
countersigned by a Notary Public, and the mandatory details of his/her
financial situation (income, debts, assets and liabilities) must be
accompanied by documented proof.

In due course, at MY convenience, I will issue your employee with a PIN
number which he/she must quote in dealings with me.
I regret that it cannot be shorter than 28 digits but, again, I have
modeled it on the number of button presses required of me to access my
account balance on your phone bank service.
As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Let me level the playing field even further.

When you call me, press buttons as follows:


#1. To make an appointment to see me
#2. To query a missing payment.
#3. To transfer the call to my living room in case I am there.
#4 To transfer the call to my bedroom in case I am sleeping
#5. To transfer the call to my toilet in case I am attending to
#6. To transfer the call to my mobile phone if I am not at home
#7. To leave a message on my computer, a password to access my
computer is required.
Password will be communicated to you at a later date to that
Authorized Contact mentioned earlier.
#8. To return to the main menu and to listen to options 1 through 7.
#9. To make a general complaint or inquiry.
The contact will then be put on hold, pending the
attention of my automated answering service.
#10. This is a second reminder to press* for English.

While this may, on occasion, involve a lengthy wait, uplifting
music will play for the duration of the call.
Regrettably, but again following your example, I must also levy an
establishment fee to cover the setting up of this new arrangement.
May I wish you a happy, if ever so slightly less prosperous New Year?

Your Humble Client

And remember: Don't make old People mad.
We don't like being old in the first place, so it doesn't take much to
piss us off.

Msg #32248

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The NILE Virus (Type C) - thought you would want to know abo
By bagger on 9/3/20 10:50am

- thought you would want to know about this -

Even the most advanced computer programs from Norton and McAfee can't eliminate this. It appears to target those born prior to 1955 - and the lockdown increases the chances of being affected!

Virus Symptoms:
1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice.
2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail.
3. Causes you to send an e-mail to the wrong person.
4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you.
5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment.
6. Causes you to hit SEND before you've finished.
7. Causes you to hit DELETE instead of SEND.
8. Causes you to hit SEND when you should DELETE.
This virus is called the C-NILE virus!
A lot of us have already been inflicted and unfortunately as we age it gets worse.
And if you can't admit to doing any of the above, you've obviously caught the other strain - the D-NILE virus.

Msg #32239

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Great idea on handling SPAM emails....
By  CPNS2006 on 8/31/20 10:12am

Msg #32238

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The People's Princess, Diana, passed on this day in 1997
By  Cheryl Elliott on 8/31/20 8:45am

Most of us will never forget this terribly sad event. She attained her dream of becoming the Queen in People's Hearts.

Harry and William are no doubt reveling in this day. Princess Diana made a huge difference in the world, as are her sons.

Msg #32237

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Good worry
By  Cheryl Elliott on 8/31/20 8:00am

Believe it or not, there are upsides to worry. Most of us worry, perhaps mostly needlessly.

Msg #32235

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For all you western movie fans, loved Joaquin Phoenix & John
By  Cheryl Elliott on 8/30/20 8:54am

C. Reilly in their Netflix movie SISTERS BROTHERS. It takes place in Oregon and California's gold countries. It's a very deep movie, not just about prospectors stealing each others claims.

I loved it, and if you like these two actors, you'll love this movie.

Msg #32229

6 replies
The Horse
By  walthtz on 8/27/20 2:22pm

Well, I'm at the emergency room 😩. This day has not been good. I got the chance to go horse back riding, something I haven't done in a while. Big mistake. I got on the horse and started out slowly, but I got cocky. So we started going a little faster and before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. And when I tried to stop the horse, I couldn't stop him, he must have gotten spooked or something. He was out of control, so I decided to try to jump off the horse, and instead, I fell off, but as I was falling, my foot got caught in the stirrup , so the horse was dragging me. And he wouldn't stop. Every time I screamed at him to stop, the horse went faster. Thank goodness the manager at Toys-R-Us came out and unplugged the machine. But he had the nerve to take the rest of my quarters so I wouldn't attempt to ride it again. How many of you actually read what I posted? If you did, copy and paste for someone else to get a laugh!

Msg #32223

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Now we know where all the sanitizing wipes went!!
By NVLSlady/VA on 8/21/20 10:40pm

I missed this one.

I recall reading once that to be well off and successful one needs to find something to sell. These siblings found something (and tried not to lose their 'souls' in the process). Lesson learned.

Msg #32220

1 replies
Best Covid joke I heard this week!!
By SWFL_Notary on 8/18/20 2:50pm

So I was in the supermarket and they had X's on the floor to show me where to stand, yeah, I've seen too many Road Runner cartoons to fall for that.

Msg #32214

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little old lady
By Art_MD on 8/15/20 8:25am

A police officer pulled over a pickup truck for failing to signal a lane change.

When he walked up to the truck he say there was a M-14 on a rack in the cab.
He was surprised when he say the driver was a 75 yr old 90 lb woman. Because he say the M-14, he asked if there were any other weapons. The driver pulled a Glock 43 9mm pistol out of her purse. The cop asked - anything else. She reached between the split seat and pulled out a colt 1911 45. the cop asked - anything else? She reached into the glove compartment and out came a Ruger 44 magnum auto mag.
Shocked, the cop asked "why so armed ? What are you afraid of "

The little old lady smiled and said .......


Msg #32211

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How to meet a new dog.
By JanetK_CA on 8/14/20 1:57am

I got the below from a friend of mine whose work revolves around dogs. I learned a few things from this that I'm sure will come in handy!

Eureka Dog Services

🛇 Use your Manners! 🛇
The Sniff test - Stop doing that!

The sniff test - a badly ingrained habit that society has been taught, without a clear understanding of what they're actually doing.

🚩When you reach out towards a dog, you are using body pressure AT them, giving them no time to assess whether you are safe & whether they require further investigation to pick up your information. You are forcing an interaction of a relationship that hasn't had time to develop. To some dogs, this is quite rude & the reason a lot of dogs snap at or bite people. This can cause alot of behavioral issues because of layered stress due to forced interactions.

🚩If they are on lead, they have no where to go if they are sensitive to spacial pressure, so can end up shutting down, shying away or snapping at your hand so you back off. This is an example of how a dog is now using pressure to turn off pressure & make you back off so they aren't so stressed.

🚩People think by offering your hand it can give the dog time to sniff to know you're friendly... they can sniff without being forced to sniff your hand.Their noses are far more superior than ours & they don't need close contact forced upon them to smell you.

🚩Some dogs might not want to know you. You have no relationship with them and that's perfectly fine. They aren't your dog so you don't need to touch them or steal pats for your own satisfaction.

🤔 If you are meeting a dog, what should you do?

⚠Ask the owner if you can interact with their dog. Not all people want strangers touching their dogs. Especially strangers who you are unlikely to see again.

⚠Stand up straight & relaxed, with your hands at your side.

⚠Ignore the dog & talk to the owner.

⚠Don't stare at the dog & don't try to force an interaction by going in for a pat. If the dog wants to know you, it will come up to you & sniff around. Usually they will move away & then come back for a second sniffathon. Some dogs will bunt your hands & wag their tails, which are good signs that you're likely an accepted new friend. Give them a few slow pats down their back (NOT THEIR HEAD) & then stop. Is the dog happy? Has it accepted your interaction? This will determine whether you can give it more pats.

🐶This is a more stress free option for dogs & a reason why in consultations we can develop a good level of trust, especially with fearful dogs & aggressive dogs, without a bunch of negative side effects from forced interactions.

Msg #32208

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Feeling tired, listless?
By  Cheryl Elliott on 8/10/20 7:30am

Here's a pick me up.

Super-Fast Cleansing Broccoli Soup Recipe

Sometimes you just need nourishing. You just get that craving for greens and goodness.

Other times you just need something QUICK, that is warming, filling and will keep you going – but not take hours to make. This Cleansing Broccoli Soup is BOTH!

It takes just 10-15 minutes from start to finish, creates very minimal mess.

Cleansing Broccoli Soup with Ginger, Mint & Spinach

Serves 2

1 large head of broccoli, roughly chopped(approx 400g)
1 small brown onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 bunch of fresh mint, roughly chopped
2 large handfuls of spinach
1/2 cucumber, roughly sliced
1.5 cm of fresh root ginger, grated
3-500ml of organic vegetable stock
Himalayan salt & black pepper to taste
1 tbsp coconut or avocado oil


Start by gently sauteeing the onion and garlic in the oil in a large pan for around 2-3 minutes, and then add the chopped broccoli
Continue to gently warm through for another 1-2 minutes and then stir in the ginger, mint and pour over the stock – you can start with just 200-300ml and if this covers the broccoli, save the remainder for once you’ve blended it, to get the consistency you want
Let this simmer for 3-4 minutes until the broccoli just starts to soften.
Transfer everything to a blender, and add the spinach and cucumber (raw), and blend on high speed until everything is completely smooth
Add more stock to get the consistency you like and serve with a sprig of mint atop each bowl and a little drizzle of avocado or olive oil

Msg #32207

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Elements in the human body and what they do
By Luckydog on 8/8/20 8:32pm

Today I learned the average human body has enough iron in it to forge a metal nail that is 3-inches long, enough sulfur to kill all fleas on a dog, enough carbon to make 900 pencils, enough potassium to fire a toy cannon, enough fat to make 7 bars of soap, and enough phosphorous to make 2,200 match heads.

Msg #32205

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A high school principal who gets it....
By MikeC/TX on 8/8/20 6:05pm

Msg #32200

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People will buy/sell anything ... UNBELIEVABLE!
By  Yoli/CA on 8/6/20 5:54pm

Disclaimer: Did not research this further and cannot vouch for its accurateness.

My daughter was telling me today that some of her social-media buddies had mentioned this. I couldn't believe it and decided to google it. <smh>

Msg #32199

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What are you reading?
By Alexis Turner on 8/6/20 1:35pm

I am looking for new things to read...what are you currently reading?

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