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Notary Membership Overview | How Do I Upgrade?


Notary Rotary Membership Benefits

Effective for memberships beginning after 3/1/2012
  Notary Rotary Commitment

Notary Rotary has two membership levels, Basic and Premier.

Basic Memberships are free and are recommended for people who do not rely on a notary commission for income, such as a workplace notary.

Premier Memberships are offered on an annual subscription basis and are recommended for professional mobile notary signing agents. The Membership benefits are described below.

Everyone who joins must first join as a Basic Member. After logging in as a Basic Member, you will have the option to upgrade.

Basic Membership


Basic Membership is free and offers the following benefits:
a) A comprehensive listing in our notary database.e) Basic order tracking.
b) Access to our notary search engine.f) Access to view company ratings.
c) The ability to participate in our forums.g) Void of annoying third-party ads.
d) Access to the Notary Rotary® resource library.
 Notice: Basic Members must sign in at least once every 3 months to update their profiles. Profiles that have not been updated recently will be deleted. To create a profile, click the Join link on our home page.
Premier Notary Rotary Membership Premier Membership

$79 to $99/yr

Premier Member benefits include:
a) All Basic Membership features.
b) Customizable privacy settings.
c) A Premier Notary Rotary® directory listing.

Your notary profile will always be displayed before Basic Members in your area.

d) The ability to rate companies you sign for.
e) Support phone and fax numbers for membership or system-related questions.
f) Access to detailed company information in Signing Central.
g) Coverage area analysis - list of counties, ZIP codes and cities in your area.
h) Notary supply discounts of 33% on most products.

To take advantage of Premier Member pricing, please sign on to your account and click the Notary Supplies tab to begin shopping. Premier prices will be displayed in the store.

i) Discounts on future memberships.

At current prices, first year Premier Members pay $99; second year Premier Members pay $89; third and subsequent year Premier Members pay $79/yr.

j) Electronic Faxing to/from Notary Rotary Account.

Notary Fax
  • Unlimited Incoming and Outgoing Notary Faxes
  • Secure Access Available
  • Faxes in PDF Format
  • Text Message Notifications
  • Your Own Personal Fax Number

k) $20 discount at Notary Public Background Check.
 Important Notice: Due to the nature of many of the benefits of our site, along with the processing time involved, we do not offer refunds for Premier Memberships. If you feel that you will be unable to recoup the cost of membership over the course of 1 year, between referrals, product discounts, access to company information, etc., then the Premier Membership is not for you.
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