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Notary Stamps at Notary Rotary

If you are looking to purchase a quality notary stamp, look no further. At Notary Rotary, we sell brands like Ideal, Vision, Ultimark, Stingray, Vector, 2000 Plus and Trodat. This page describes the Stingray, which is available in nearly every state.

Stingray Notary Stamp Features: With an attractive and durable design, the Stingray™ pre-inked notary public stamp is capable of producing thousands of crisp impressions without having to re-ink. Engineered for years of use, if the Stingray™ impression ever begins to fade, re-inking fluid can be easily added for thousands of additional impressions. With proper care, the impressions will remain clean and crisp throughout its life. The image at right is a low-resolution scan of an actual Stingray™ impression. Stingray Seal Impression
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Notary Stamp Evolution

The Stingray™ falls into the category of premium notary stamps. Premium notary seal stamps are generally pre-inked and can produce up to 50,000 impressions, depending on the stamp model, size of the text or image, the duration the stamp is held down each time it is used (more time = more ink released) and its internal ink capacity. Premium notary stamps are often purchased by the more experienced notary and, because they typically retail for about $30, they are seldom included in notary starter kits. Instead, starter kits often contain inexpensive traditional rubber stamps or Ideal® Self-Inking stamps. The following graphic illustrates the evolution of notary stamps. The Stingray™ represents one of the latest technologies.

Notary Stamp Evolution

For information on Notary Rotary's embossing notary seals, please visit our notary seal page.

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