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Msg #613488

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Courier & Notary Services, LLC
By pdl/cali on 12/13/19 8:47pm

Anybody work with this company lately? Manny at Courier & Notary Services, LLC. There is nothing in SC. He has a yelp page. I googled the company, and bad reviews show from NR. He is based out of Irvine.

Msg #613485

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Mortgage Connect unfair to signing agents
By David Fortune on 12/13/19 7:45pm

Mortgage Connect is unfair to its' signing agents. This occupation takes a lot of knowledge and preparation to begin with, while companies like MC expecting signing agents put up with their incompetence.

They scheduled a signing with me for Noon. I had other assignments as well that day to get to. They did not post the documents for this signing until an hour after the appointment time. I told them to be able to get to it with everything else I had to do I would need $50 bonus to race around, squeeze it in, and try to get it done without having any other company pay a price for it as far as appointment time is concerned. I did not hear back from them that day. The next morning I received an email confirming they would pay the bonus. Then I received a phone call from them asking me why I did not get it done. They tried to blame me for the screw-up which was clearly their fault. When I informed them that they should pay me a compensation fee for wasting my time they paid it and told me they would not use my services again. I have not heard from them since. It seems that according to them the signing agent should take the financial hit for someone else's incompetence. I'm sure everyone at Wells Fargo got their paycheck, and everyone at Mortgage Connect got their weekly pay but the signing agent is supposed to go without theirs even if it is no fault of their own.

I am tired of being taken advantage of by some of these companies. I do my job professionally and I expect the same from the signing companies.

Msg #613484

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By TacomaBoy on 12/13/19 7:24pm

NPBC - Msg #488158 (Harry) Has the NR-BGC controversy been resolved so the NR BGC are accepted by most or all title companies? (It's been awhile since I've been to the NR Forum)

Msg #613482

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Opportunity cost fee for rescheduled signings.
By NK_UT on 12/13/19 6:37pm

Do any of you ask for a fee from signing services when you accept a signing from them, turn down numerous other well-paying signings because you set aside your time for said appointment, only to get last-minute/late-night reschedules and end up with nothing during the original signing time?

I accepted a signing for tomorrow morning, good fee, the job was a tad bigger than anticipated, but no big deal. Confirmed with signers, waiting on docs. Turned down no less than SEVEN well-paying jobs for the same time slot only to get a reschedule after the time when signing offers start to taper off for the night.

All of this is fine, it goes with the territory. But, it's just so frustrating when you set aside your time for one job, skip a lot of other opportunities due to the commitment, then end up with that slot open, anyway.

Msg #613470

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Strange closing instructions
By Mills Mobile Notary Service on 12/13/19 3:08pm

Yesterday I had a standard Refi closing with the following instruments:

Please take cell phone pictures of the completed Note, Deed of Trust, and RTC docs and IM them to this phone # (the Signing Service) FROM THE SIGNING TABLE (my capitals), PLUS scan back the entire package ASAP.. AND don't wait for any approval, just ship package back ASAP.

Has anyone been asked to do this? Maybe its just me that thinks this is strange and overkill. Also this was a evening signing so there was no one at the Title company or Escrow to look at the pictures or scan backs anyway until today.

I'm going get some cheese to go with my whine.

Msg #613459

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For Bertreassia Hamilton...
By Lee/AR on 12/13/19 12:32pm

Man, but this really sucks. I found NOTHING on either NNA or GA site that says 'notaries can't close loans in GA'.
However, in my attempts, I did turn up this:
which does cite the LAW.

Msg #613456

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Who knows, anything goes
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/13/19 7:10am

Friday the 13th, full moon.

Be safe, be aware, be careful. I'm fully scheduled for a crazy day.

Msg #613424

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"Great, let's go outside..." Anyone else?
By Kellosh/CA on 12/12/19 3:29pm

I've been disturbed as late by a number of clients who, when I show up at their homes as scheduled and confirmed, want to go sit in a nearby park or expect me to lead them to my car to conduct the appointment. So far, no one has batted back too bad when I tell them I was contracted to meet them at their house, and we really MUST sign indoors. I have suggested we could relocate to a nearby coffee house, but they usually backtrack quickly and invite me in. A few have been surprised that I wouldn't agree to sit in my car and do the paperwork, but yield when I explain that we need a flat table and workspace (without saying that I haven't vacuumed my car since the last trip to the dog park and it shows.) Anyone else experienced this? Am I being rude if they had the expectation that we would conduct business outside of their home and I suggest (insist) that we will go inside and get business done? (My language is always very diplomatic.)

On a related note, I'm soon to be the owner of a Ford Transit van in which I will be outfitting a mobile office where I could meet clients, but this of course isn't standard and I don't think should be expected as a default.

Msg #613419

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Should You Try To Collect On An Outstanding Invoice . . .
By  PegiT_MN on 12/12/19 3:09pm

. . . when you have just read on social media that the owner of the Signing Service has recently passed away?

I don't think we have ever talked about this here. What would you do?

Msg #613415

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JDT signing service
By Eric Roller on 12/12/19 2:23pm

anybody hear of this company to do a debt settlement -only 8 pages will pay $100-doesn't sound kosher to me

Msg #613412

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By  walthtz on 12/12/19 12:09pm

Does anyone use YELP for advertising?
If so, do you pay for the it?
or do you use the click feature?
How has this worked for you?

Msg #613409

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Close call ...
By  Yoli/CA on 12/12/19 11:11am

had a call from someone I'd never worked with for GNW. Assignment was to meet someone at Auburn library early afternoon to copy Trust documents. I almost accepted. However, when I asked who was paying for copying, caller said they would, just add to my invoice. Ordinarily, I'd have no issue with this. For some unknown reason, I quickly declined informing them I was not familiar with them and had never worked with them before and could not extend additional credit besides my time and travel.

Yesterday's news, stabbing of 3 persons 12/10th at 1:40pm at the Auburn library. Assailant has since been arrested.

Msg #613406

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Has anyone noticed lately that payment turnaround time
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/12/19 10:39am

with a lot of signing services is getting later and later?

Several companies I've worked with for years are paying into nearly two months. I do not understand why it takes two months to get paid. Perhaps their businesses are off?

It's a good time to make sure when accepting the orders initially to verify their terms of payment and hold them to it.

Msg #613403

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Forseti Real Estate Services, Orlando, FL ... g/b/u
By  Yoli/CA on 12/12/19 8:31am

also dba The Forseti Group.

Does not show in SC. Search brings up a thread in 2012. I worked with them once this year -- pay was adequate (single doc) and received 37 days from date of services. Worked with them previously for good pay and within 30 days.

What's current experience? Accepted a seller's package for this afternoon. Fee includes scanbacks and witness fee.


Msg #613394

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New Notary: Schedule of Georgia Notorial Fees
By Bertreassia Hamilton on 12/11/19 11:37pm

Hello where can I find a list of authorized duties with associated fees and travel fees?

Msg #613383

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Serenity Signing Service
By Linda Juenger on 12/11/19 7:29pm

I am not one to vent on here, been doing this too long and have been around the block many times. But, I just want to make everyone aware of what happened tonight with this company. I accepted a seller signing last night and seller did not sign as some things were not correct. At 4:15 I get a cattle call text asking if I am available TBD in the same town as last night (which I go to often). I replied and asked Brenda to please call me. She didn't. I get an email asking what the concern was. I said I wanted to know if it was the same person as last night and the fee that was offered was less than last night. I also responded with MY fee for both nights, printing, driving etc. Brenda never did call me and then I got another email saying "Are you available or not". So rude. I responded back that I need to discuss fees. Next email I got was she assigned it to someone else. So, just beware that they are not notary friendly at all. All this could have been avoided with a 2 minute phone call. Less time to make a phone call than to write 3 emails. End of rant.

Msg #613372

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Requiem for Samsung Galaxy Note 5
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/11/19 5:33pm

Mine now 10 years old is on the way out. Battery will only charge to 78%, and I need all the power I can get these days.

So I stopped in to Verizon and pled my plight, my insurance will replace it with a refurbished phone over night.

The Verizon rep really wanted to sell me a 10 Plus. After all, it is 10 years old. REALLY? Boy how time flies when you're having fun (or even if you're not)! They are around $1300. I'm not making any upgrades this year. Looking at having to migrate fully to MS Office 365 in January. Trying not to spend a lot of money this month. Taxes, insurance just taking a big byte of my fund$.

Msg #613362

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Local Title Company is not paying
By Wais Sarwari on 12/11/19 2:34pm

I tried to search for any information but unable, any help would be great

Msg #613359

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ARMS on the rise ...
By  Yoli/CA on 12/11/19 1:45pm

anyone else noticing an uptick? 4 in a row. 1 is a 10 yr fixed, another is a 7/1 and 2 are 5/1 -- all for high-end clients.

Msg #613347

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For those who use WAZE as a driving app check this out
By  Linda_TN on 12/11/19 9:15am

Just seen going through the headlines this morning. I uses Waze because it calls out those things I have enabled (traffic, road hazards, police ahead) and it gives me a feeling of being able to focus more on the road rather than my phone screen. I may also enable this feature, especially with winter coming here in the mountains. However, when traveling with my husband, I have to turn off the audio alerts -- it drives my husband crazy, especially with the alerts that are no longer viable alerts -- car on shoulder, police ahead and so forth.

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