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"This 61-year-old model proves age is just a number."  -   Christine/OK on 3/25/17 11:05am (3 Replies)
Re: "This 61-year-old model proves age is just a number."  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/26/17 8:24pm
Re: "This 61-year-old model proves age is just a number."  -   janCA on 3/27/17 3:51pm
Re: "This 61-year-old model proves age is just a number."  -   Yoli/CA on 3/27/17 4:35pm
"In 2015, more than 52,000 people died of drug overdoses"  -   Christine/OK on 3/24/17 10:42am (2 Replies)
Thanks, Christine. Drugs are an epidemic, and claiming the  -   MW/VA on 3/24/17 3:57pm
On the news the other day, they compared drug related  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/26/17 8:25pm
Dave Chappelle on feeling trapped by being successful...  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/24/17 7:29am
Spring Cleaning, the realist's guide  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/20/17 9:08am
RIP The Great Chuck Berry n/m  -  bagger on 3/19/17 5:54am (9 Replies)
He was 90, but it's a great loss. He's a legend! ;-) n/m  -   MW/VA on 3/19/17 4:48pm
One of my favorite cw singers who gave us so much  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/20/17 8:07am
He actually wrote a lot of Rock & Roll songs. The Beatles,  -   MW/VA on 3/20/17 11:58am
Yeah..he was a rock & roll pioneer, not a cw singer.  -  Linda_H/FL on 3/20/17 12:04pm
Hrrmm..I stand corrected...he DID sing some hillbilly  -  Linda_H/FL on 3/20/17 12:08pm
<<cough>>...*knew* n/m  -  Linda_H/FL on 3/20/17 12:09pm
Re: RIP The Great Chuck Berry  -  Bear900/CA on 3/21/17 12:57am
Thanks, Bear. That's really interesting ;-) n/m  -   MW/VA on 3/21/17 9:36am
"Arsenic" = Arsenio. LOL crazy spell checker n/m  -  Bear900/CA on 3/21/17 11:14am
20 years ago Princess Diana perished in a car crash in Paris  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/17/17 10:09am (5 Replies)
That was such a tragedy. It just hit the news this week  -   MW/VA on 3/17/17 1:49pm
yes, I remember it as I was sitting  -  notarydi/CA on 3/18/17 8:13am
There was a lot of speculations that it was an ordered kill  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/18/17 8:25am
They changed the laws for the Papparozzi & now they can't  -   MW/VA on 3/18/17 9:15am
Re: They changed the laws for the Papparozzi & now they can  -  pdl/cali on 3/19/17 2:47pm
Never give up on your dreams. :) This woman has no arms, yet  -   Christine/OK on 3/17/17 7:13am (3 Replies)
LORELAI MOSNEGUTU n/m  -   Christine/OK on 3/17/17 7:22am
If you're not hearing anything  -  NVLSlady/VA on 3/18/17 8:44pm
TY, Michelle, I too was "Speechless" & had 1 simple thought  -   Christine/OK on 3/18/17 9:54pm
"50 Ways to Live a Longer, Healthier Life"  -   Christine/OK on 3/16/17 6:49am (1 Replies)
interesting Christine, TYVM for posting. I do love my cafe! n/m  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/17/17 6:44am
"Fraud-Speak: Learn the Lingo to Beat Scammers"  -   Christine/OK on 3/16/17 6:37am (1 Replies)
wow, learned new lingo....  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/17/17 6:46am
'How Much Should You Pay to Save a Pet?'  -   Christine/OK on 3/16/17 6:33am
Wag Wiggle and Giggle Dog Balls  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/15/17 9:20pm
Be on the lookout in the DFW & Quinlan Texas areas for  -   Christine/OK on 3/15/17 6:24pm
Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa: Happy or Sad?  -   Christine/OK on 3/15/17 1:59pm
TEDWomen Talk: What matters most -- being there for the ones  -   Christine/OK on 3/11/17 3:46pm (1 Replies)
Elizabeth will make your laugh heartily,but more importantly  -   Christine/OK on 3/12/17 6:46pm
Colossal Statue of Egyptian Pharaoh Discovered in Mud Pit  -   Christine/OK on 3/11/17 4:39am
It's that time again . . . Iditarod News!  -   Christine/OK on 3/11/17 4:34am (1 Replies)
Congratulations to Mitch Seavey! 2017 Iditarod Champion-Nome n/m  -   Christine/OK on 3/15/17 7:50am
Garden tips - getting started!  -  Bear900/CA on 3/11/17 12:55am (2 Replies)
Making a raised bed garden quick and simple  -  Bear900/CA on 3/11/17 1:56am
Re: Making a raised bed garden quick and simple  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/11/17 12:33pm
Just how windy was it yesterday?  -  Bear900/CA on 3/10/17 9:29am (1 Replies)
I saw that on the morning news show & she never let go  -   MW/VA on 3/10/17 7:17pm
Cuteness overload!  -   Christine/OK on 3/9/17 3:58am (5 Replies)
LOVE! n/m  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/9/17 7:02am
Awww! Talk about My Buddy! :) n/m  -   Yoli/CA on 3/9/17 10:00am
Very cute, but WHY does anyone have that fawn in their car? n/m  -   MW/VA on 3/9/17 5:54pm
I thought the same, and was amazed it was so calm.. n/m  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/10/17 8:23am
Presumably on the way to the Vet's office, but who knows :) n/m  -   Christine/OK on 3/11/17 3:47pm
Keeping plants cool and moist in the garden  -  Bear900/CA on 3/8/17 11:35pm (2 Replies)
Re: Keeping plants cool and moist in the garden  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/10/17 7:31am
great tip that I will try with my dahlias n/m  -   sigtogo/OR on 3/13/17 10:43pm
Improve your health with a healthy gut  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/7/17 10:55am (2 Replies)
TM? never, ever would have guessed that about you!  -   sigtogo/OR on 3/13/17 10:51pm
Re: TM? never, ever would have guessed that about you!  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/17/17 9:28am
What a wonderful world!  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/7/17 9:30am (2 Replies)
I got it from him too. It was very inspirational! ;-) n/m  -   MW/VA on 3/7/17 10:02am
Re: What a wonderful world! Very cool!  -   JanetK_CA on 3/8/17 5:55pm
Santa Barbara has a new museum that opened last weekend  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/7/17 8:04am (2 Replies)
Sounds Cool! On my bucket list, n/m  -  Bear900/CA on 3/7/17 10:28pm
This is a wonderful venue for families, all ages  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/9/17 11:33am
Sous vide, anyone?  -  MikeC/TX on 3/4/17 11:03pm (7 Replies)
Sous-vide => French for under vacuum  -   Christine/OK on 3/5/17 7:42am
Anova sous vide  -  anotaryinva on 3/5/17 12:19pm
Re: Anova sous vide  -  MikeC/TX on 3/5/17 3:58pm
Re: Anova sous vide  -  anotaryinva on 3/5/17 5:07pm
Re: Anova sous vide  -  MikeC/TX on 3/5/17 7:19pm
Re: Sous vide, anyone?  -  Bear900/CA on 3/5/17 6:40pm
Re: Sous vide, anyone?  -  MikeC/TX on 3/5/17 7:36pm
Organic gardening - are you getting ready for Spring!?  -  Bear900/CA on 3/3/17 6:46pm (8 Replies)
I can't think of a better thing to do than to grow your  -   MW/VA on 3/3/17 8:40pm
You're killing me, man...  -  MikeC/TX on 3/4/17 10:32pm
Apartment-dweller Gardening Tips/Tricks  -   Christine/OK on 3/5/17 7:46am
Re: Apartment-dweller Gardening Tips/Tricks  -  Bear900/CA on 3/5/17 9:22am
Gardening small or no space  -  Bear900/CA on 3/5/17 10:02am
lots of cities have "community" gardens.....  -  notarydi/CA on 3/5/17 2:02pm
Re: lots of cities have "community" gardens.....  -  Bear900/CA on 3/5/17 6:23pm
Re: Gardening small or no space  -  MikeC/TX on 3/5/17 4:01pm
Glowing, 'Living' Gloves Could Aid Crime-Scene Investigation  -   Christine/OK on 3/2/17 10:20am (1 Replies)
Technology..gotta love it or hate this case its  -   C. Rivera Chicago Notary Services on 3/3/17 7:44pm
shortest shopping trip ever.....  -  notarydi/CA on 3/1/17 10:38pm (6 Replies)
A long way from our duck and cover cold war drills  -  Bear900/CA on 3/2/17 12:39am
Most of us are not trained to look over our shoulder at all  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/2/17 7:33am
That's interesting & a bit unnerving, but we live in a  -   MW/VA on 3/2/17 8:07am
I read an interesting article on this years ago...  -   JanetK_CA on 3/2/17 9:10pm
We are all out off condition/training for what to do in the  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/2/17 9:56am
Re: shortest shopping trip ever.....  -  MikeC/TX on 3/2/17 5:47pm
Lift-off!  -  Bear900/CA on 3/1/17 12:36pm (5 Replies)
Re: Lift-off!  -   Cheryl Elliott on 3/2/17 7:37am
Re: Lift-off!  -  MikeC/TX on 3/2/17 6:02pm
Re: Lift-off!  -  Bear900/CA on 3/3/17 11:37am
Bear, have you considered a TuffShed for your shop? n/m  -   Yoli/CA on 3/3/17 3:02pm
Re: Bear, have you considered a TuffShed for your shop?  -  Bear900/CA on 3/3/17 6:19pm
A funny little video about escaping to Canada  -  Bear900/CA on 3/1/17 11:09am
Executive Notary Group, Huntington Beach...G/B/U?  -  FeliseSoCal on 2/28/17 12:05pm (2 Replies)
Felise, might want to ask this in work forum  -  Linda_H/FL on 2/28/17 12:24pm
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