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 WARNING: Attack-dog mode is active on the DW forum!
Posted by  Christine/OK on 2/9/19 2:35pm

It appears that the favorite patsy of the bullies in attack-dog mode has changed! grapebed, luckydog, cheryl e, & peggyt have surreptitiously (well, not so much) chosen ALL my posts to be their current victim. :0 Who knows what has twisted their knickers in a knot!

Clearly, they’re unaware that all professionals see their childish, vendetta-type behavior as less-than becoming and truly reflecting THEIR debased character. The ‘cry wolf’ techniques as equally useless to professional NR DW members as they see through the subterfuge.

Those whose opinions I respect have shared their perspectives via PM and email. I certainly DO heed their advice/insights, not those who regularly slam, defame, criticize, bully, and fabricate about fellow NR members
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