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 Facial recognition could hit road blocks
Posted by  Cheryl Elliott on 5/14/19 6:24am

I received this article this morning from the crew at

I Can't Scan Your Face When I'm With You

Today, San Franciscoís Board of Supervisors could vote to ban police and other city agencies from using facial recognition to track people, the AP. Itíd be the first U.S. city to do so.

Facial recognition is big business, thanks to 1) advances in AI and computer vision 2) lots of demand from vendors and 3) ample records of you cheesiní. The market is expected to be worth $9 billion a year by 2022. But itís also controversial

Critics have concerns over bias, privacy, misuse, and general Orwellian vibes. Civil rights groups and employees have called on Big Tech to withhold facial recognition tools from Big Brother...and since no federal laws are on the books, face-tracking is stuck in the Wild West.

Zoom out: As the epicenter of tech innovation, the Bay Area is where companies move fast and break things. City officials and state lawmakers, who prefer to move slow and keep things intact, have already tried to rein in disruptive innovations like scooters and data collection. Facial recognition could be next.
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