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 Re: I love cat fights
Posted by LisaKT/CA on 2/10/19 12:44pm

Clem, stock up on popcorn, beverages, and candy. I'm sure before this month is over, you'll see several more incendiary threads. Cat fights typically involve (and are most often started by) those with hidden profiles. Not always but usually.

From Msg #72338 <<<And my objection to ad hominem attacks is that they have no place against an opponent in a debate or discussion because they show a lack of an argument. It's the equivalent of schoolyard taunting - it means you have nothing of substance to argue, so you resort to insulting your opponent.>>>

Folks with hidden profiles want that choice to be respected, right? Understand that respect must go BOTH ways. A poster is under no obligation to respect a hidden profiler when said profiler resorts to ad hominem attacks. When debate turns personal, it's quite fair to level the playing field, therefore, a hidden poster should be brought out in the open and treated as they've treated others. Profiles aren't up for target practice.....unless someone want darts thrown at THEIRS as well. Only way to do that is expose them. This also goes for the hidden posters who enjoy fanning the flames and keeping the drama going. You want to coddle and high five the attacker openly? Fair is fair, you may get thrown into this open playing field. Keep in mind - freedom OF speech isn't freedom FROM consequences.

I can think of a handful of posters with hidden profiles that I enjoy reading their viewpoints and conversing with in threads and PMs.....just a handful because they have the character to "agree to disagree" over a subject matter without resorting to ad hominem attacks. The rest are of low character.....I don't wish to wallow in the gutter with them.
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