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 STOP!! For the love of God. Put an end to this trash!
Posted by BearPaw/CO on 2/9/19 12:47pm

Stop wasting our time. Stop taking up space on this Forum. Stop belittling us. Stop thinking you know stuff. Stop dredging the internet 24/7 day in day out for junk to post because you have no work, no life. Have nothing else to do than dig up Meryl Steep's top 10 living tips. Texas Ranger's top 10 tips and any other idiot celebrity whose advice you think is important. Because we don't. It's worthless to everybody except you. Get the picture? If we wanted to know every word SCORE every wrote, we'd look it up ourselves. We don't need you to constantly post their stuff. And guess what? yet another link that will wreck our computers. STOP!

Oh, on second thought, No. 1 is a good idea: <<Avoid Bright Shiny Objects>>. That would be you.
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