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So, MC Bought a Packaged "Testing Program" and Now They've
Posted by  Scriba/NM of NM on 12/6/17 1:29am Msg #587277
started making "tests". First it was a "Wells Fargo" test. Then, it was a "Bank of America" test. Then It was some "Veteran Lender" test, and NOW, it's a "Provident Funding" test. They must have nothing else to do. You watch an Adobe slide show, and then there are 15 questions. You can only miss one or two, or else you are "not approved" to close those particular loans. It just goes on and on and on - every week or so, a new "test" emerges. Eventually a test for every lender in the USA? After taking and passing these tests, haven't gotten a single assignment. Obviously a total waste of time - and they have nothing in them that you shouldn't already know.
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