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Re: fee
Posted by Luckydog of FL on 5/18/17 6:17pm Msg #575259
We each need to evaluate what it costs to operate and then add your profit margin. How much is your paper x 2 sets, toner, printing costs, gas, tolls, E&O and all your other expenses, taxes, insurance? What I make in FL would never be enough for a NSA in San Fransisco for example. Problem is, many NSA's do not do the work, and take what is offered....$75.00 loan closings. IF they did the math, they would understand they are making less than minimum wage when all said and done. Are you in the UP or in the city? Makes a huge difference I would imagine, and only you can determine your own worth, and trust me, it is nothing less than $100.00 jmo.
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