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In followup to DNA testing:
Posted by  Christine/OK of OK on 2/5/19 1:38pm Msg #602867
Msg #602617

"FamilyTreeDNA one of the larger makers of at-home genealogy test kits has disclosed that its quietly been giving the FBI access to its database of 1 million DNA profiles to help solve violent crime."

It's understood that they're voluntarily providing law enforcement access once those agencies have provided the appropriate documentation; however, this is a privacy concern for all who utilize the service. They've been diligent about consumer protection and privacy (and have been lauded for that). A member can OptOut under certain conditions. FamilyTreeDNA has stated that they don't intend to be a 'data broker.' Hmmmmmm . . . certainly makes one wonder about their intent. Wink

Article Title: "Home DNA kit company says its working with the FBI"

To read the full article, see:

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