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WARNING: Attack-dog mode is active on the DW forum!
Posted by  Christine/OK of OK on 2/10/19 11:17am Msg #603046
It appears that the favorite patsy of the bullies in attack-dog mode has changed! grapebed, luckydog, cheryl e, & peggyt have surreptitiously (well, not so much) chosen ALL my posts to be their current victim. :0 Who knows what has twisted their knickers in a knot!

Clearly, they’re unaware that all professionals see their childish, vendetta-type behavior as less-than becoming and truly reflecting THEIR debased character. The ‘cry wolf’ techniques as equally useless to professional NR DW members as they see through the subterfuge. Frown

No responses are necessary to attack dogs as they're just attempting to elicit a battle. Not interested in their inane banter, false reports, fabrications, and diatribe. Too bad they can't find something productive to do with their time.
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