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Msg #631208

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ATS Document Services
By Belinda/OR on 4/13/21 1:26pm

Hi all,
Any recent reviews on this company? Did a search but latest was years old.

Msg #631200

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Do you see anything malapropros with this post from ...
By  Yoli/CA on 4/13/21 12:18pm

an Alignable notary group? (I've "blanked" out a name purposely)

"Iím a notary in California with (blank) Notary Support Service but I also started my business in Lansing Michigan and I have my notary license in Michigan to and certified Ron Iím going to Michigan in May for 6 months, who do I talk to so I can notary jobs for Michigan"

I'd decided to take the day off from signings today (imo, breaks are needed every now and then). Got an email, clicked on it and it took me to that thread. First time even glancing at that group. Dang!!! ;-(

Msg #631190

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"Missing" doc from packet ...
By  Yoli/CA on 4/13/21 9:23am

Had another email from another TC yesterday telling me the Certification of Trust was missing from the packet for so&so and could I reach out to signers and take care of this. I researched my records. This was signed Jan. 2021. According to my notary journal there was no Certification of Trust. However, there was a Trustees' Affidavit that was signed and notarized.

My response: "The Certification of Trust was not included in the document package I was sent. According to my notary journal, there was a Trusteesí Affidavit. I would be more than happy to get this new document signed for an additional fee. Please advise."

TC: "Actually we can proceed with the Trusteesí Affidavit. Thank you"

WTH!! What's going on with some of these TCs??

Msg #631187

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"Trustee" missing in Acknowledgment in CA
By  Yoli/CA on 4/13/21 9:17am

Had an email yesterday from a TC I work with often. According to TC, Placer County recorder (I'm in Placer County) rejected a Grant Deed signed 12/24/2020 because the word "Trustee" was not included in Acknowledgment. It was signed with that capacity. However, my certificate only showed the signer's name and not the designation. TC was asking me to get this corrected.

My response to them was:

"A California notary public is not allowed to certify capacity (i.e. trustee). Please refer to California Notary Handbook page 13 (Acknowledgment):

ďA notary public may complete a certificate of acknowledgment required in another state or jurisdiction of the United States on documents to be fled in that other state or jurisdiction, provided the form does not require the notary public to determine or certify that the signer holds a particular representative capacity or to make other determinations and certifications not allowed by California law.Ē

Perhaps Placer County Recorderís Office may wish to contact the Secretary of State for confirmation of the above? If I am incorrect in this matter, I will gladly correct my error. Please keep me advised."

TC response: "I have reached out to out closing team to see how we should proceed."

I've always omitted "trustee" from my certs. Never been an issue ... 'til now. Should I just let TC handle this or would you contact county recorder's office and try to set them straight? What would you do?

Msg #631169

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Mentor In Columbus Ohio or Ohio Area
By Genea Sain on 4/12/21 4:21pm


My name is Gigi and I am currently looking for a mentor in the Columbus, Ohio area. I recently just completed my LSA certification through NNA and would really like to have a mentor who I can develop a professional relationship with to help guide and advise me through my loan signing agent journey. Any mentors in Columbus, Ohio or Ohio area?

Msg #631165

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ENS - Expert Notary Services
By Lia DeLeary on 4/12/21 3:19pm

On three different occasions I accepted assignments FROM ENS. Each assignment had problems with requests for last minute reprinting of entire closing packages. I do not do business like this. I show up at my assignments organized, papers reviewed, in good order. Not only is it expensive to print documents, but my time of preparing has a value. I am a notary - not a service broker (signing agency - middle man). This company is disorganized and unprofessional. I have also read that getting paid is difficult. I will not be accepting any future assignments from them. Too much of a headache.

Msg #631162

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any recommendations for refresher course to renew? n/m
By Mung/CA on 4/12/21 1:56pm

Msg #631150

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Anyone else going through a dry spell?
By Eva75Eva on 4/12/21 8:28am

My work is drastically down this month compared to last year. April 2020 was a record breaker for me. Haven't seen it this slow since 2013. Phone's not ringing. Concerned Frown

Msg #631146

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Darn it! I lied. Hate when that happens; however, there is
By Alz on 4/11/21 4:33pm

a lesson in all of this.

The other day in other posts (Msg #631076, Msg #631087), I stated that I generally always take the time to review documents prior to any signing. Well. I repent.

The other day, I started to review documents for the Saturday signing. In the middle of the escrow documents, I got a bit tired. And decided that I would finish the process the following morning before the afternoon signing. Long story, short. It didnít happen.

As a consequence, during the signing I discovered that the document were dated for Monday, April 12. Gee monae or wiz. The moral of the story, finish what you start and/or check yourself.

Here is the $64k question. Whoís going to pay for that false start? IMJS.

Msg #631142

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Is anyone having issues with Amrock's phone app
By  Cheryl Elliott on 4/11/21 12:10pm

When I hit the MAP pin, it takes me to the prior trip, hence I'm getting directions to go in that direction instead of the destination of the current assignment.

I've sent in a help request to Amrock VM, but wondering if I'm the only one having this issue.

Msg #631122

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Time for tires, got 110k miles on current ones
By  Cheryl Elliott on 4/10/21 10:26am

I bought at Costco couple years ago. I picked up a 4" long wood screw in the side wall on rear passenger side. I am not losing air right now but don't want to take the chance of having issues in the middle of nowhere whrn ig is not convenient.

Msg #631102

21 replies
Passport card as ID?
By Jennifer Mumford on 4/9/21 1:58pm

Just wanted to know if anyone in CA has every accepted a USA passport CARD as valid ID. Iím under the impression itís not acceptable after reading the sos handbook. Even if meets the requirements of id (photo, signature, description, and identifying number and of course expiration), itís not mentioned at all (that I see) as an acceptable id in sos 2021 handbook.


Msg #631083

10 replies
By  Mike Goodey on 4/8/21 6:56pm

My commission expires in May. So far I have not received my commission packet. SOS website states that the pkt. will be mailed more than a month before expiration date...well, that means 5 more days. Anyone else have this nail biter problem?
Test taken in December and scan done early January.
I'm getting a little noivous !!

Msg #631081

16 replies
Signing Service but No Experience
By William Waddell on 4/8/21 6:07pm

I've learned quite a bit from this forum as a newbie. One question that I don't see an answer to: (or I missed it) Signing Services that DO NOT REQUIRE 1 OR 2 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. I signed up on several of the more prominent platforms, and am getting "invites if I'm available". I haven't been selected yet, and no doubt my lack of experience works against me. I expected this; no problem, my day will come. In the meantime, I wish I had a "specific list" of Signing Services that don't require that 1 or 2 years, without me starting to fill out the "Sign Up" forms and learn a few pages into the process that the experience issue comes up. Did I miss that list?

Msg #631075

9 replies
Watch your edocs carefully
By  Cheryl Elliott on 4/8/21 2:19pm

I received a bank refi package this morning. Title docs were fine...then I noticed as they were printing that all the legal pages were printing letter size. Called title and they rescanned them to legal and resent to me.

Also I received a package that should have included QC deeds out and back into the borrowers' trust along with PCORs. Only a certificate of trust was at the end of the package.

Another oversight, two in one day. I always try to look at docs before I run out the door, as many times I get docs at the very last minute. These would have been redraws and resigns.

Msg #631073

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Sigaming Locations
By TacomaBoy on 4/8/21 1:58pm

So, before COVID 19, McDonald's, Starbucks, etc. would be the occational signing location, but only if needed. Of course, COVID 19 Has changed EVERTHING! Any suggestions?

Msg #631067

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Fingerprinting in SC
By Sheila SHEILA THE NOTARY, LLC on 4/8/21 4:00am

SC does not specifically make any statements about fingerprinting in the Code of Laws for Notarial Acts. Does anyone know the protocol for offering FINGERPRINTING SERVICES. I am about to begin a training class and purchase the digital equipment as well as the manual card and card holder equipment to provide this service. Thanks.

Msg #631055

5 replies
Electronic Journal?
By Valerie/CA on 4/7/21 4:49pm

I noticed on the Apple app store that there is now an electronic journal app available for California notaries to use with an iPhone or iPad. It seems to require a monthly fee and the purchase of a fingerprint capturing device. Has anyone here used such a thing? Back in the day I used ENJOA from the NNA but that has been long gone. Any thoughts?

Msg #631047

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Page separator
By Josie/Oh on 4/7/21 8:16am

Did Notary Rotary remove the page separator? I can't find it.

Msg #631046

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SOS Notary Exam Processing Times
By  Cheryl Elliott on 4/7/21 8:06am

A friend and I journeyed to Thousand Oaks yesterday to take our test with the California Proctor. There were only 19 of us, each seated at our own 6' foot table after taking the refresher class. There aren't a lot of scheduled test sites, like in past years, so we had to make a little drive south.

I would say there are around 10 questions about penalties and fines, Administrative, Civil and Criminal prosecution, and suspension and revocation of commissions.

Give yourselves plenty of time to renew this year, as it is taking 20 business days to receive test results and up to six months to process commissions.

Keeping my fingers crossed, it is going to be close, but if I don't receive by my current commission expiration, it's a good time to take a little road trip with family, and I'll be looking forward to that.

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