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Msg #648463

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Right hand services?
By Mike Goodey on 5/20/24 2:33pm

They sent me a text for a signing today, last minute, with scan backs. Didn't find anything in Signing Central. Anyone ever heard of them?

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One less notary service requirement ...
By  Yoli/CA on 5/19/24 1:18pm

While doing all this today online requesting my daughter's birth certificate:

Formerly in Alameda County in California, if someone other than the principal was applying for a certified copy of birth certificate by mail/Fedex, that application had to be notarized. No more.

Now, after paying for that application, I was given the option to e-verify and thereby speed up the process. I just went that route. Had to fill in my social security number, date of birth and answer 3 multiple-choice questions to verify my identity. Immediately after completing that e-verification, I received an email with the following:

Your Electronic Identity Verification is successfully completed in place of Notarized Authorization Statement.
Attached is a copy of your electronically signed sworn statement(s).

Your order is now ready to be processed by our staff. You will receive notification once the order is ready for shipping."

The process was so simple and so convenient. Extremely easy to eliminate one more notarial service. Frown Mea Culpa

Msg #648450

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Superlative Signings. MD G/B/U??
By Lee/AR on 5/18/24 11:18am

Received solicitation. Nothing in SC or a search. Think they use Notary Dash Frown
3 years in biz. Say they only use Fulltime notaries--horsefeathers. How would they know?

Msg #648444

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Anyone done business with Amayzing Notary Signing Service?
By  Teresa/FL on 5/17/24 11:53am

Located at:
16781 Chagrin Blvd.
Shaker Heights, OH 44120

I accepted a seller signing for an Ohio property and it was a smooth transaction.
They use NotaryDash for scheduling.
I will enter feedback in Signing Central once payment is received.

Msg #648433

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Field Choice
By Susan/CA on 5/15/24 9:07am

I do not even remember the last time I was contacted by Field Choice to do a signing. I am assuming their fees hit rock bottom. I am just curious if anyone has heard from them and if they are now a low ball company?

Msg #648423

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MC just took a huge nosedive with their fees
By  Cheryl Elliott on 5/14/24 5:01pm

$40 for heloc docs, scan backs required

$65 for refinance, scan backs required

Glad I have two commercial loans instead, no scan backs, $200 each file, plug and play.

Msg #648420

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When will the information on this website be updated?
By  Tammy Stephens on 5/14/24 2:15pm

Notary Rotary has been around for some time now, however, I'm not confident we should be using some of the information on here; it doesn't seem as if anyone is managing this site, Am I wrong? Is anyone managing this site and making updates on the information here?

Msg #648412

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The Doc Signers--G/B/U? Most recent review in SC from 3/2022
By Lee/AR on 5/10/24 11:08pm

4 1/2 stars back then. With the low offer I got today, I'd give 'em 1 star.

Msg #648409

6 replies
Notary Stamp
By  walthtz on 5/10/24 1:27pm

Anyone know where I can purchase a "VISION CLARITY" stamp?
it used be available here, but no more.
This stamps has a very small footprint & its great for those small places.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Msg #648399

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A job opportunity
By Mike Goodey on 5/6/24 6:49pm

Got a text at 12:30 today for a sining in Chino Hills at 2pm. The message 'Good Afternoon Mike! This is Ashley from "". I was hoping you were available today @2pm to do a loan Purchase at location: ...Wandering Ridge Way Chino Hills 91709.Thanks!"
So instead of just saying "Yes" I replied "Depending on fee, number of pages and notarizations." Still waiting for

Msg #648394

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Noble Notary Orange Park, FL
By  Cheryl Elliott on 5/6/24 4:35pm

Any one heard of this company?

Msg #648391

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Some Linkyo toners back on Amazon n/m
By  Yoli/CA on 5/6/24 12:08pm

Msg #648389

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Smartest Closings, LLC Overland Park, KS g/b/u?
By Lee/AR on 5/6/24 9:40am

Supposedly over 1000 jobs on SD, so somebody must know something. Nothing in SC or search. Google shows a site 'parked on GoDaddy'.

Msg #648380

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Got hit with two opportunities to spend $$ for training
By  Cheryl Elliott on 5/5/24 3:22pm

and directory subscription at a deep discount.

It's that time of open season on notaries to line the pockets of other notaries (barely seasoned) whose bank accounts need infusion of cash.

Sigh! Unsubscribe.

What I would like to know is why notaries with 20 plus years' experience need to spend money on your genX notary training for bird seed fees! Meanwhile, you want to know who we work for by giving references, and to cut our teeth on your idiotic training modules.

Msg #648373

3 replies
I'm back
By Tracy Walters on 5/3/24 3:21pm

Hey Guys and Gals!

I got out of the game for a couple years, but I'm back. So I'm glad the loan closing world in IL now employs online notarizing. It took them long enough.

So, I'm trying to pick which company I should go with for a notarization platform and my head is spinning. Can anyone throw a few names out you trust? Thanks so much!

Msg #648370

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First American New Platform
By Erika/2020 on 5/2/24 6:31pm

I had heard that First American title was going to switch to another platform instead of snap docs has that happened yet? Does anybody know what the new platform will be?Thanks!

Msg #648368

2 replies
Toner cartridges
By desktopfull on 5/2/24 2:19pm

I have 8 new PTQ6511X toner cartridges for a HP Laser Jet: 2410/2420/2430/2400 or a Canon LBP 3410/3460. I have long since retired due to illness and if anyone can use these cartridges you can have them. Just pay for the shipping or arrange to pick them up. You can notify me by sending a message and I will get back with you.

Msg #648366

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Beware Dawn Fenney The Notary Company
By Patricia McDaniel on 5/2/24 12:22pm

I was not careful with this assignment or I would have turned it down. This was a non-payment for an application and I was later told she does not pay until closing.

Msg #648353

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How would you handle an overpayment?
By  Yoli/CA on 5/1/24 1:46pm

This is primarily for newbies.

I had a signing last week that cancelled the first day due to numbers not being correct and then being rescheduled for the following day. On day one, I expected to receive a trip and print fee only.

Today, I get the e-check and it's for $125 more than expected for the entire invoice for that assignment (2 trips). I called SS and inquired. He said that e-check is for last week's assignment and the one for (name, in Newcastle) in March that he hadn't yet paid. Okay, thanks!

It didn't sit right with me. Did I miss invoicing for an assignment? I always generate an invoice regardless of whether a hiring party requires it or not -- just for my records and really helps at tax time. I reviewed that SS's customer statements in my bookkeeping program. Sure enough! That name was signed in Newcastle in March ... of 2022 ... and SS paid my fee that same month. Called him back and advised of my findings. He was very appreciative of my honesty and ethics. By the way, he's the same way. While on the phone with him, I rejected the (overpayment) e-check on that system and he immediately turned around and paid my invoice by credit card in my bookkeeping program.

Some people would argue that I should've just taken the e-check and not questioned it. That perhaps it was just a gesture of goodwill. Personally, I had to discern the motive. If SS wanted to give me a bonus, so be it and THANK YOU. If not, well let's find out and work it out.

Reputation is everything in this business. Smile

Msg #648350

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Perplexed re. a client's request after recent Apostille
By  Cheryl Elliott on 5/1/24 12:21pm

This is a real brain teaser. Recently I prepared an apostille request for a lady who was born in Germany, and her mother is still there, in her 90s, wanting to gift her a sum of money before she passes.

The notary in Germany sent back the apostille and said it is worthless.

His note (handwritten in scrawl on a 3x3 postit) reads:

This needs a consent to the contracts uuz-nr 1895/2024 1905/2024.

Well, I know nothing of German consent to (blah, blah) and neither does my client.

Is there anyone out there who knows what is being requested? I am wondering if the German Consulate in LA would be of assistance.

Anyone out there with other ideas? My client is very confused.

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