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Hey, Matt Miller
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/6/23 11:21am

Do you have any updated info on the current legislation for electronic, remote notarization in California?

And, BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make it a great one!

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Signing Order needs to follow Code of Conduct
By IAC on 12/5/23 5:17pm

I contacted SO regarding an unpaid assignment it took 3 emails with the final email when I voiced my next attempt would be. Needless to say SO response within 5 minutes along with payment. How unprofessional of them that I needed to get this abrupt to get a response. Itís hard enough for notaries to maintain a fair fee only to have to deal with deadbeat SO.

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Service link payment HEADS UP
By mtnotary on 12/5/23 9:20am

Heads up and please take a close look at the remittance (you probably received an email today) that was sent out for work that was done while the computers were down recently. I noticed that one of the jobs that I did on 11/22/23 and that they already received back I never received payment for. It is probably because I got a phone call to do the job but never got computer generated paperwork. I do have the actual loan number and a copy of the information telling me who the escrow officer is but I just don't have their actual order number.

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Sign up with First American Title Insurance Company
By Rod Cameron on 12/4/23 6:23pm

Hi guys,

I have searched for information here on NotaryRotary and on First American Title Insurance Company's website on how to sign up with them as a Notary. I didn't find it. How do I sign up with them?


Msg #647294

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New to Me signing company.
By Hiram on 12/4/23 3:32pm

I, just today, received a signing offer from a company called "Eagle Eye Signings, LLC". They have a decent website but
having been HAD in the past 20 years a time or two, I checked the Search Button program on Notary Rotary but found nothing. Has anyone had any business dealings with them? Should I investigate a little more or run?

Happy Monday

Msg #647288

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Medical Signing Agencies
By Ethan Shiffman on 12/3/23 9:13am

Hi Guys,
I am still relatively new to the industry. I was wondering if there are any signing services for GNW or advanced notary documents such as Medical Directives or Minor Authorization Forms. Thank you!

Msg #647278

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Brother Hl-5470DWT free in Manteca
By Mung/CA on 12/1/23 4:20pm

Old workhorse. Comes with the additional tray. Needs a new fuser unit. The old one started spitting out shredded brown "tin".

Msg #647276

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Cloud Signings $40 for a refi.
By  Cheryl Elliott on 12/1/23 11:42am

South Carolina property....through SO. What a ripoff! No thanks.

Who is doing this kind of low ball work, any way?

Msg #647255

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Which is better
By James Marsh on 11/29/23 6:17pm

Notary Rotary or National Notary Associations ?

Msg #647247

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Lien on you and your property from MERCHANTS BONDING COMPANY
By Valerie Harris on 11/29/23 4:22pm

Did you realize that when you buy a notary bond from NNA from MERCHANTS BONDING COMPANY, MERCHANT'S BONDING COMPANY puts a lie on you or your house for $15,000? They never removed any of them since I first started!! This is crazy. I would have used a different bonding company had I known. Did you know this was the case??? NNA is pleading ignorance to this.

Msg #647243

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Brand New Notary
By Samantha Bork on 11/29/23 3:06pm

Hello everyone I am a mom of three and working again, I am so excited to start my notary business in Camarillo California. I am new to this and wanted to know if these signing website help you get signings and actually work or if Most of your clients you have gotten is from reaching out to escrow and title companies? And if so how many notaries do you get usually from each company a week, so I know how many to sign up for!

Thanks so much for your help!
Samantha Bork

Msg #647236

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What is a 'financial services contract'?
By Lee/AR on 11/28/23 6:23pm

It kinda smells like another buncha words for 'debt relief'. Anyone see this type of request and know what it is?

Msg #647219

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Fedex Shipping
By  Yoli/CA on 11/26/23 12:59pm

It never ceases to amaze me how Fedex operates.

I had a signing yesterday (Saturday) in Yuba City, which is approximately 43 miles north of Sacramento. Docs are going to Modesto, which is about 76 miles south of Sacramento. I dropped package off at Yuba City Fedex Ship Center. TC needs docs back by Monday. I tracked package this morning and find out arrived in Memphis, TN this morning. Now it has to make its way back to Modesto in Northern California. Whew, what a ride! Wink

Msg #647200

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SomeDang platform is giving me headache
By RickG/CA on 11/22/23 7:02pm

For the second time in as many months a specific realtor/loan officer has asked First American if I can take the signing appointment. Both times I confirm with EO that I am in the "system" both times First Am is unable to find me. For what it's worth I sent screen shots of me as "Verified". Now I don't necessarily want or care to become a frequent flyer there, but being unable to be selected is a disservice to those I normally associate. Anyone else have issues with First Am/Snapdocs?

I've already sent messages to "support". I have not received any response, other than the message acknowledgements.

Just food for thought as I anticipate the coming festivities. Y'all enjoy your holiday celebrations!

Msg #647198

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Gem Signing Service
By Ken/NoCal on 11/22/23 2:38pm

Has anyone worked for Gem Signing Services out of Lanham, Maryland. I received a text about an assignment next week. Offer was low, but they did meet my fee. There is nothing listed in signing central. Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving!

Msg #647196

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By  Yoli/CA on 11/22/23 1:10pm

Today, I am unable to access their website and the mobile app. I've sent in emails to customer service and also to a couple of my contacts there with no response. Anyone know what's going on there? (Did they just shut everything down for the Holiday?)


Msg #647187

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Blown away by the fees
By  Expeditor on 11/21/23 5:53pm

I was contacted by a client today who had 3 birth certificates needing apostilles from NJ. So I referred him to the NJ SOS. An hour later he called me back. Not having the wherewithal to do it himself instead contacted a NJ apostille expediter who quoted him $740 plus he had to pay for the shipping. He explained the quoted fees and asked if I could do better.

So I went online to the SOS and was shocked by what I discovered. My cost was $122 for expedited service from the SOS and if I paid for the overnight shipping $65 extra.

So I'm asking what would be a fair charge for that service?

Msg #647184

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Biz is picking up, NSAs are dropping off or ...
By  Yoli/CA on 11/21/23 10:25am

'cause it's a holiday? You tell me.

1. I live in Rocklin. One of my usuals called yesterday morning asking if I go to Magalia. Yep, I'll go anywhere in California if you're willing to pay my fee. Wink She asked if I'm available for a Loan Modification at 7:00pm on Wednesday (day before Thanksgiving) in Magalia. Yeah, I can do that. My fee is $450. She'll have to see if supervisor will approve. Okay, let me know. They do frequently come through.

2. Yesterday afternoon, another one of my favorites calls asking if I go to Yuba City. This one's for Wednesday at 5:00pm for a cash purchase. My fee to Yuba City is $250. She'll have to talk to TC and get back to me but doesn't have high hopes. She called back 6 minutes later with an approval. Smile

3. Got a blast offer early this morning for refi in South Lake Tahoe at 10:00am on Wednesday with scan backs. I've only worked with this firm once. Countered with my usual fee -- $475 for basic to SLT and scan backs incur additional $25 fee, for a total of $500.

At this point, I don't expect to hear back from #1 & #3. But apparently, the work is there. Thank you, Lord, for the signings You do send my way [said humbly with bowed head].

Msg #647167

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RIP John Cown, Suffield, CT, aka Santa Claus
By  Cheryl Elliott on 11/19/23 8:03pm

John was a great guy. Very solid. He was 87 when his heart gave out last May 10, 2023. I tried to stay in touch with John. He was a wonderful mentor.

Msg #647164

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RIP Michael Coticchio, Southlake, TX passed September 2023
By  Cheryl Elliott on 11/19/23 4:12pm

We hadn't heard from MikeC/TX in several months, which sent me on a journey to see if I could catch up with him.

We all loved his common sense and candor. Mike will be missed. So many of our memorable members have left us, and left behind many great posts and points of view.

You're missed, Michael Coticchio. All the best to his children, Andrew, Thomas and Michael, Jr. in New York where Mike hailed from.

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