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Msg #625671

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How long do you wait for confirmation ...
By  Yoli/CA on 10/23/20 1:04pm

before filling that slot with another appointment? I'll usually only wait 10 minutes.

Had a call from Timios this morning - Yes, a call rather than a low-fee blast - and they agreed to my $XXX fee for today at 2:00pm. 10 minutes later, no confirmation, I get a call from someone else for 3:00 today in opposite direction. Took it. Finally get confirmation from Timios 47 minutes after initial call. I immediately emailed sender/scheduler advising to please reassign as I had accepted another signing and would not be able to accommodate his file. After 5 minutes of no response, I called and he hadn't not yet read my email. When I explained he stuttered a bit saying, "you went and did what??? Ok, never mind" and hung up.

Msg #625669

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How to make money doing RON or enotary?
By BANDJ on 10/23/20 11:53am

Before I spend the money to set things up can some one tell me how I can make money doing RON and enotary work.

Msg #625657

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TGIF! Been a crazy monthend and more to come
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/23/20 7:49am

Phone is blowing up. Sitting here waiting for 2 files, then hitting the road for a crazy busy day. Tomorrow a little quieter, only 3, then getting my car serviced.

October has been over the top. The best month of the year in signings and revenue!


BTW, logged on to my checking account and found SSA deposited $342 into my account via ACH.

I have no idea why, but my head has been down with tsunami of closings. Anyone know what this is about?

Msg #625648

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Certified Signing Agent (Florida)
By APTNotary/FL on 10/22/20 6:54pm

Hello everyone,
My name is Alberlean Pollard and I am the owner of A Personal Touch Mobile Notary Services, LLC. ("APTNotary") based in sunny, South Florida (Broward County). I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. Also, if you are assigned a signing and have a last minute emergency that comes up - please feel free to contact me to fill in for you.

Msg #625646

2 replies
Going apprasial rate for Richmond & San Pablo areas (CA)?
By twostep/CA on 10/22/20 5:47pm

Does anyone know what the going rate is for appraisals in the Richmond and San Pablo areas in the bay area? I know it varies, but just looking for an estimate. Thanks

Msg #625637

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BNN Services? Anyone heard of these guys ?
By Jennifer Mumford on 10/22/20 2:16pm

Hello. I keep getting solicitations for BNN services and I would like to know if anyone has had positive experience with them and timely pay (if pays at all! Lol). Thanks for any insight.


Msg #625634

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The largest expense that most notaries overlook.
By grapebed on 10/22/20 12:59pm

Notaries should regularly be putting a minimum of 15% of their gross revenue in to some sort of retirement vehicle as well as putting 5% of their gross revenue into a liquid savings account for emergencies and illness.

This formula applies to all workers, not just notaries. However, the majority of workers have the benefit of a matching 401 (k), sick pay and short and long term disability protection.

All of us should have 8-10 months of living expenses in a liquid savings account. Those of you who are living the dream making $1,000 a week should be putting a minimum of $300 every two weeks in to an IRA (or other type of retirement account) and $100 every two weeks in to a liquid savings account.

Obviously this does not apply to those receiving a pension, plus social security and are able to withdraw a small amounts from a meaningful IRA. $500,000 is the recommended minimum to have at age 65 in a IRA. And of course the goal is to be completely mortgage free at age 65.

Msg #625626

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To Seal the USA Patriot form, or not to seal? That is the Q.
By Rose Hensley on 10/22/20 10:21am

I am new to this whole notary thing and currently am on the side of tagging closing docs in Notarycam. I have now seen one USA Patriot form sealed by a notary, and one not. Does this vary by state? I also understand there are a million diff Patriot forms out there.. I'm just wondering if I should be tagging it for the notary seal, or not. Thanks in advance!

Msg #625614

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Notary Nation... uh, no thanks!
By wendy_wa on 10/21/20 4:48pm

So I had never done business with this company and totally my bad for accepting an assignment without doing a little research. VA loan app with scans right near me, no notarization for $75 same day pay (Supposed to be anyway)
I took it and what a nightmare!!! Same day pay is BS. Signing 10/13, no payment. On 10/15 Chrystal, accounts payable although I think she is also an owner (not sure?), says they have a new payment platform she will resend payment authorization. I received payment authorization request 10/16 and completed it, no biggie I think. Today is 10/21 and still no payment. Chrystal is down-right hostile/aggressive that she has to be disturbed while she is on vacation in Mexico because I still haven't received same day payment. Says I am the only one who is having this problem and says I am being too sensitive to expect payment as agreed!!! In the interim, I have done my research (which again, is my fault for not having done before) and know to not accept appointments from Notary Nation in the future. She yelled at me for having to take time out of her vacation IN MEXICO (said it like 5 times as if Mexico is on another planet) and has already removed me from their database because I expect them to uphold their end of our agreement. Just a little reminder to investigate what other notaries already shared before working with a company you have never heard of.

Msg #625598

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new last minute CD and Alta?
By CST on 10/21/20 12:26pm

I had to sit through hours of real estate classes about how the CD had to be correct and signed off 3 days before a closing or you had to start the 3 day wait all over again. Hours of my life hearing about something I had no control over. But today....4 hrs from now, a new CD and Alta have to be done and after I printed all the docs and copies (well over 200 pages), I'm waiting for the updated docs and whether I have to start all over with printing.

I almost went to law school so I'm kind of a rule follower and stickler for details so I'm getting tired of seeing banks not sending the CD 3 days ahead of time and last minute cancellations by borrowers because the numbers are not correct.

One bank, I refuse to work for, is notorious for this. I ask if they have seen the numbers ahead of time....NOPE. Never.

Msg #625595

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How are all of U working feel about the second COVID-19 wave
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/21/20 9:19am

I am weighing my options about what I can do for optimum safety, over and above what I'm currently doing by wearing masks, maintaining safe distance, signing outdoors or in ventilated garages. Sanitizers...

Time is about to change, darker sooner. I had a flu shot last month...should I update my pneumonia shot? Looking for others' thoughts.

Msg #625582

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after all these years here is a new one
By  canotaryhere on 10/20/20 6:18pm

Buyer wants to write a check for the amount they have to come up with but make it not payable until November. Of course I referred them back to their lender and title

Msg #625580

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offered $$, replied for $$$, got even more!
By CST on 10/20/20 3:56pm

seriously. i figured they found someone cheaper so i let it go. In my town which is always the best. They came back a second time and offered more than I had asked for. Oh well, my gain!

Msg #625579

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Grilled by a Veteran on notary protocol on GNW assignment.
By NVLSlady/VA on 10/20/20 3:44pm

Some of you can relate (you know who you are!) Lol

Gentleman (and his wife) I met on way to a loan signing yesterday, sweet older couple. He couldn't hear well and she had a hard time remembering what I was saying when I spoke to her on the phone. While I was there, she ended up Repeating to him, as he was Explaining to Her! Funny situation, but they complemented one another well.

He told me I didn't ask him if he understood the document he was signing. He was obviously very knowledgeable & competent (mostly stemming from living about as long as B. Franklin); he then asked if I was going to have him sign my journal.
At least I had one! Wink

Msg #625567

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Kiss My FASS
By Roadie_MD on 10/20/20 11:25am

Go the first call from them since 2006 about a week ago. Did the signing but had a couple issues with their website. Seems my inbox was full of very important email messages (such as use blue or black ink, have the borrower sign as their name is printed, you get the idea) from them from the last 14 years which all had to be acknowledged before I could retrieve docs, etc. I don't have time for that and I told them so. Turned into a little bit of a go round, but they begrudgingly sent the docs by email. I got 2 more signings from them this week. I asked them to update my email and told them I was having problems with the website and was given a customer service number to call. Well, when I called to have my problem resolved (i.e. clear my inbox out) I as told 'no can have to read and acknowledge all the messages'. I asked if they could just open a new account for me and they wouldn't do it.

I told them to take me out of their database. Good Riddance, and good luck with your faxbacks, FASS. I don't need you. ;b

Msg #625565

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Service Link signing up RON agents
By jnew on 10/20/20 10:27am

I have been offered to sign up as a RON agent. SL thought I should use Nexsys. Nexsys requires a digital certificate, an electronic notary seal before applying. So, that was 15 for the seal and 69.00 per year for the certificate. I have no idea what the title company will be paying me for these, once approved. I am assuming that the platform takes a fee from the title company for the cost of the electronic closing including all the technical requirements ( video backup, etc) I would like a response from anyone on the forum who is doing these RONs. What extra costs are there after setup? what is the cost/price structure you are experiencing? Is there a sufficient profit derived from these deals for the NSA? Any information would be appreciated.

Msg #625561

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What a disaster...signing at a bank branch
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/20/20 7:52am

Docs were late, LO calls to say, the docs will be waiting for you at the branch, ask for "SAM" and he will hand them over to you. I hadn't been to a bank branch since February 2020 when we began signing outdoors, gloved, masked and sanitized.

Sam is busy when I arrive, but a rover employee says she will find out where they are and get them to me, and meanwhile she sets me up in a conference room, complete with plexiglass separators with little pass through windows for moving paper, IDs, journal, pens and fingerprint kit around.

I get the docs and they are all printed letter size, the legal sized pages are cut off at top and bottom, so I had a difficult time telling what they are.

I ask the bank manager to print legal and letter, I get two sets back, all legal.

Pulling my hair out trying to segregate letter and legal for one good package. Meanwhile the clients arrive, he is a past mayor of a nearby city, and the couple is having a lively conversation with the LO, while I'm trying to focus on the dilemma and working from two separately printed document piles. They are private banking clients, I'm about ready to blow my brains out.

Send them on their way, meanwhile, I'm still working for another 15 minutes trying to sort things for a complete, all inclusive, accurately signed package.

It was one of six signings, thankfully, it was no. 2 and the rest of the day went slicker than rain. I was exhausted, and even NCIS couldn't keep me awake as I tried to catch an episode before going to bed.

Also, 4 of the borrowers had dogs, and all of them all so friendly. My asthma kicked in and I'm thinking I'm probably allergic to dogs, including my own. Dog dander. But honestly they are usually the hit of the party and I love how they want to meet (not eat!) the notary!

On Sunday, my borrowers had two dalmation puppies. Oh, boy! I went home with dog slobber all over my Calvin Klein black jacket/pant suit, and threw them in the wash machine immediately.

Printing my own docs is preferred. It's amazing that bank employees have no clue what their loan docs look like and how to print them letter and legal.

Msg #625516

28 replies
after I sign paperwork, can you go to ex husband to sign?
By CST on 10/19/20 1:52pm

waiting to hear from Field Choice. Never in my 12 yrs have I been asked to do that.

Any thoughts? she also is giving me before 6:30 am, noon or 2:45 when our appt was for 4. feels chaotic already but have until thursday to get this figured out.

Msg #625497

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States that require ballots to be notarized
By  VT_Syrup on 10/19/20 6:50am

In Msg #625241 there was a discussion of how to notarize a ballot.

On the New York Times website today, there was an Opinion story about what verification requirements states put on mail-in ballots. There was a map summarizing the requirement for each state. The ones that require states to be notarized are

North Carolina
South Carolina

From the discussion in this forum, we learned that Minnesota suspended its requirement that ballots be witnessed or notarized, unless the voter was not registered and was applying for registration at the same time as sending in a ballot. The map in the Times does not get into such fine points, it just shows Minnesota as just checking the signature on the envelope with the signature on file.

Msg #625495

9 replies
Clarify please
By Deanna Williams on 10/18/20 9:35pm

Question, please help clarify. Does Notary Rotary work like Signing Order? I'm only asking because I read on another forum that it's just a forum.

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