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Msg #633873

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Does know if RON notaries pay more for E&O?
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/27/21 4:31pm

I was looking at the cost of E&O in OR seemed to quote this coverage differently for RON Notaries.

Has any one in other states realized an uptick in policy premiums for RON notaries.

Msg #633870

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the audacity
By Katelyn Hart on 7/27/21 4:09pm

Title co. several states away asked me to FaceTime them during a signing so someone at their office could act as a witness for a FL deed.

When I refused, they told me to just send the deed back signed/notarized with no witness signatures because they'd "handle it in-office".

Then this person had the audacity to raise their voice at me and threaten to get the manager on the line. I LOL-ed, told them to reassign, and hung up.

Ain't nobody got time for that...

Msg #633865

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Excess paperwork
By jnew on 7/27/21 3:16pm

4 copies of CD, 6 copies of RTC, 2 copies of new 1003. About 40 extra pages all together. More is better?

Msg #633847

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Problems Updating My Profile on Notary Rotary
By  JerryhFL on 7/27/21 1:12pm

I updated my profile and when I hit submit I get the following message

"Transfer is blocked by WEB Application Firewall"

I attempted the update using different browsers with the same results. I have contacted support, however I am wondering if other members have had similar challenges.

I am a premiere member so I eliminated that as a problem.

Any info would be helpful.

Msg #633842

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E&O shopping
By Belinda/OR on 7/27/21 11:27am

$420 for four years seems steep on this site. In CA I paid, I think, $217 for four years.
Do you guys know of better pricing for Oregon? Anywhere I can check?
Did a Search and the info was pretty old.

Msg #633837

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Astounding statistics about growth in new CA commissions
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/27/21 10:21am

During COVID-19, the number of CA commissioned notaries hovered around 143K.

Just one week ago, there were 147K notaries, approximately.

This morning those numbers grew to 155K.

Is this due to lenders and title/escrow laying off employees and those employees are seeking new careers?

Is this due to people coming back to jobs and renewing their expired commissions?

Is something coming soon that will mean we need this growth in commissioned notaries?

I'm completely mystified!

Msg #633828

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Ohhh O..? RON ?
By Signerbill on 7/26/21 1:37pm

So I get an inquiry from Snap Doc about Ransomware infiltrating some part of a (their) system. Curious that they also mentioned they were ''working" on the breach... Having a neighbor who actually works in the field, quizzed him... His area of fraud threat is cash,,, where the mortgage industry is identity and property. Parting comment was I would be very cautious dealing with any online executed documentation... Pretty interesting.

Msg #633806

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mad client
By Keisha1973 on 7/25/21 10:22pm

A few days ago, I call the client set the appointment and shortly after I got an email that the signing had been cancel. But before all of this I contact the client so that I could check the status of the doc, She text back at 3: 36 with the information when I text at 11 and her appointment was at 3:30 meanwhile the signing got cancel at about 1pm. So the client then call me cussing me out talking will crazy to me told me to hold on, it was the title company mistake. When they finally sent me the docs at 5:30 with an appointment for 6 I call to set the appointment they then told me they went back to work and I would have to set for another day. Call the company that I'm contracted with and told them that I was very unprofessional with them. Now I have to explain my case to the company.

Msg #633804

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FL SNA: Can I Notarize Previously Partially Notarized Doc?
By Aaliyah Sloan on 7/25/21 8:34pm

Hello, Notary Rotary community.

I am a new signing agent for about 3 months now.

Iím very eager to pursue this and have been pursuing different strategies to market my services, so any advice is welcome!

Aside from this m though, I have a signing scheduled tomorrow morning and I just want to make sure I am doing everything right. I am NNA certified, but theyíre hotline is closed today and I have no one else to seek for council on this.

Itís for a good company, too. But, as a Florida notary, am I allowed/authorized to notarize a power of attorney document and over one that was already partially notarized previously?

Thanks for the help!

Thank you and I appreciate this website!

Msg #633781

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By Cheryl/SC on 7/25/21 12:00pm

Has anyone heard of this SS based out of Oswego, IL? This is the URL for the website. The website looks like it's just been put together (GoDaddy 2021), and it's really bare bones basic. The link to Notary Training shows that it hasn't been developed. The Notary sign up and verification of your profile opens to
Business info from IL SOS website here:

File Number08944482
Entity Information
Principal Office1 E. MERCHANTS DR., STE LL-A
OSWEGO, IL 605430000
Entity TypeLLC
Type of LLCDomestic
Organization/Admission DateTuesday, 14 July 2020
Agent Information
OSWEGO , IL 60543
Change DateTuesday, 15 June 2021
Annual Report
For Year2021
Filing DateWednesday, 2 June 2021

Msg #633772

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Any Photo Tips
By  Heidi Muenger on 7/25/21 8:47am

Hi All!

I thought I saw this post but cannot seem to find it again. I have tried to upload my photo too many times and it still doesn't work. Any idea on the size and naming convention? I have renamed the photo, resized it to 16KB from 1MB, it's .jpg and still not working.

Thank you in advance.
Heidi Muenger

Msg #633769

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Is anyone familiar with a company called Notary Portal? n/m
By SUE BLANKENSHIP on 7/24/21 10:22pm

Msg #633763

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Remember Pawnotary? Remember the vehicle signs he sold?
By Korey Humphreys on 7/24/21 4:20pm

Hey guys -- does anyone remember Paul Williams? He was the owner of

He used to sell vehicle signs on his website. They were perfect! I can't find any online that were like the ones he sold. Do you know where I can buy them?

Here is a link to the signs PawNotary used to sell (I had to use the "Way Back Machine" because Paul passed away):

Thank you!

Msg #633750

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Get in the know
By ISLGRLNOTA1 on 7/24/21 10:18am

Working with signing companies is fairly new to me. I was very excited and had high hopes for this change. However I realized in the beginning work was abundant and then it slowed down rather significantly, and I want to come up with a solution that will help new agents and maybe even our direct and signing company employers.

Signing companies are not one size fit all, therefore it would be extremely beneficial to both the companies and Notary if WE as a team take the time out to educate their notaries on each companies paperwork; because they ARE all different, even as a certified notary.
Although it may seem time consuming at first but I think if you could take time out of your busy schedules it would produce the perfect signing results you ultimately desire. No more stress. This would benefit companies greatly.

I for one I am entertaining the idea, interested, voluntarily available, ready and open to meet, be specific companies experts and most importantly train others on their paperwork.

I am not understanding why more companies are not entertaining the idea.

Maybe we can do a forum or live where seasoned/ six figures notaries actually help others by review specific paperwork for specific companies etc.

Msg #633745

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The role of a SS
By Cheryl/SC on 7/24/21 1:42am

It's been a long week so forgive me for ranting, but I just left a point-blank message on a SS voicemail about the signing I am about to do in the morning. I would like some clarification on what should be expected from the SS company. Is it just to get the appointment scheduled with Notary and send/upload the documents along with generic title/lender instructions? Here is my issue:
Declined an $85 refi with scan backs for Saturday and countered with $125. So, I was pleased that I got the order. All communication has been automated and noted cannot be added to portal. Can't seem to get a call back, or a reply to email, hence the "you can count on this being the last signing I will do for you" voicemail. What I should've done was give feedback.
This signing is for MD Property, VA loan, Trust signing. I looked for additional instructions, but there was just generic PennyMac instructions provided.
Feedback: The signing service should have provided additional instructions on the 2 extra attachments that were uploaded. The first attachment included updated CD (based on time/date stamp), PUD (Note: PUD did not have signatories as shown on the DOT and VA Rider), and an additional URLA 1003. The second attachment was updated ALTA which matched the additional attached CD. Were these to replace documents in the 183 page package? The PUD was not in the Loan package, so that was self explanatory; however it was not proofed to see that it matched the DOT/Riders. The CD and ALTA in the package did not balance, but I would not assume they were to be replaced with the updated ones.
Also, there were no instructions on how borrowers were to sign, with or without Trust verbiage. Signatory lines have name, as trustee of the abc trust, dated xyz. Except for the added PUD.

So, I have chirps from the SS company and likely nobody to contact at title early Saturday morning. Is it wrong to think that the SS should be eyeballing the documents, providing support, maybe even having a clue as to what is being sent out to the Notary? Or, are they simply just a middleman who takes half the fee, if not more as in this case. What kills me is the original offer of $85 for a 210 page package with full scan backs! Oh, I did add that they should be ashamed of themselves for even putting that out as an original offer. Probably, should have left that out of my voicemail.

Msg #633728

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OMG FASS called w/new low: Next county for $75...smh n/m
By Lee/AR on 7/23/21 12:25pm

Msg #633725

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Don't you just love it ... ?
By  Yoli/CA on 7/23/21 9:19am

When package is only 107 pages and instructions say to print only one set as borrower's copy is included in the package? Smile And, you're getting your full fee and TC didn't argue when you quoted your fee?

Msg #633708

9 replies
Cyclical....This is the nature of our business.
By Alz on 7/22/21 12:10pm

Consequently, it is important to prepare for both the feast and the famine. Essentially having a ram in the bush, so to speak.

That is to say, as Notary Publics, we are in a position to have various streams of income. Seek and you will find. IMJS.

Msg #633705

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We're masking indoors again.
By  Cheryl Elliott on 7/22/21 6:57am

I attended a signing at a huge equestrian (polo fields) facility Santa Maria, and we sat six feet apart at a 20 foot dining room table with all the doors and windows open. Borrowers in their late 70s and not taking chances with any visitors.

I hope more people will get vaccinated as soon as possible, as the variant is here.

Msg #633690

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Notary Work slowing in CA
By Cathy Edmondson on 7/21/21 11:44am

Is anyone else experiencing a slow down of notary work in your state? Also noticed here in CA., the lenders have cut the notary fees by 10-25 per closing. My daughter works for a lender here and they let staff of 50 loan processors go on Friday, noting the slow down.

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