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Msg #75407

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LA California's 1st largest and SD 2nd largest
By CH2inCA on 7/13/20 4:51pm

And San Bernandino - Will start the fall school semester fully digital.

We'll see what Trump and DeVos have to say about that.

Good solid decision making on the part of the superintendents as far as I'm concerned.

Msg #75387

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Betsy DeVos
By MikeC/TX on 7/12/20 6:05pm

Our Secretary of Education has no qualifications to be in that position - no background in education at all, has only sent her kids to private schools, and is trying to promote charter schools over public schools. Her fortune comes from Amway, a multi-level marketing scheme that has had several run-ins with regulators.

She insisted today that all schools should be fully open 5 days a week despite the threat of COVID-19.

Here's a thought - let's have Betsy sit in a classroom 5 days a week with 30 or so kids (viral incubators) just to show us how safe the situation is. Lead by example.

Msg #75386

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So Trump FINALLY decided to wear a mask
By MikeC/TX on 7/12/20 5:34pm

Let's hope that will convince some of his more hard-headed followers to do the same, which would be a good thing.

Msg #75377

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I guess cats can vote, but not dead ones :)
By shooterclay on 7/11/20 7:28pm

Msg #75353

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Hey, Trumpeteers, that swamp . . .
By HisHughness on 7/10/20 7:47pm

. . . your idol said he was going to drain? Well, he's draining it all right -- right back onto everybody's doorstep.

Recall Trump's pal Roger Stone? Well, he was supposed to report to prison shortly on 7 -- count 'em, s-e-v-e-n -- felony convictions. Trump today commuted his sentence.

So, the next time you're chowing down on some Olive Garden pasta, look over at the next table. You may be sharing that Italian sojourn with a genuine swamp denizen, all brought to you by none other than your political hero.

Msg #75347

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Trump's NH rally canceled due to weather concerns
By MikeC/TX on 7/10/20 5:53pm

but the forecast for tomorrow evening in Portsmouth is for clear skies. The rally was canceled for one reason only - lack of interest. The campaign doesn't want a repeat of the Tulsa embarrassment, where they claimed a million people had signed up, but only about 6200 showed up in an arena that holds 19,000.

The campaign is in trouble - they are desperately trying to recapture the magic of the 2016 campaign, and are failing miserably. Trump needs the adulation of the large crowds at the rallies like a vampire needs blood - but he's not getting it.

Msg #75331

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little known fact, white slavery in America before black
By Luckydog on 7/10/20 12:36pm

We have BLM BUT did you know we also had white slaves in America as well? Is this something forgotten?

These white slaves in the New World consisted of street children plucked from London's back alleys, prostitutes, and impoverished migrants searching for a brighter future and willing to sign up for indentured servitude. Convicts were also persuaded to avoid lengthy sentences and executions on their home soil by enslavement in the British colonies. The much maligned Irish, viewed as savages worthy of ethnic cleansing and despised for their rejection of Protestantism, also made up a portion of America's first slave population, as did Quakers, Cavaliers, Puritans, Jesuits, and others.

Around 1618 at the start of their colonial slave trade, the English began by seizing and shipping to Virginia impoverished children, even toddlers, from London slums. Some impoverished parents sought a better life for their offspring and agreed to send them, but most often, the children were sent despite their own protests and those of their families. At the time, the London authorities represented their actions as an act of charity, a chance for a poor youth to apprentice in America, learn a trade, and avoid starvation at home. Tragically, once these unfortunate youngsters arrived, 50% of them were dead within a year after being sold to farmers to work the fields.

A few months after the first shipment of children, the first African slaves were shipped to Virginia. Interestingly, no American market existed for African slaves until late in the 17th century. Until then, black slave traders typically took their cargo to Bermuda.

Msg #75324

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Does anyone other than I . . .
By HisHughness on 7/10/20 12:15am

. . . think there is a good chance Trump will decline the nomination at the convention if he keeps tanking in the polls? I just don't see how anyone with an ego that massive could face the certainty of defeat -- and probably a crushing defeat -- when there is not a ready scapegoat, like illegal voters, to blame it on.

I think he may step back in favor of Pence, and say he's going back to Washington to ram through as many hard-right judges as possible before Jan. 20, eviscerate as many EPA regulations as he can, and destroy the maximum number of civil rights safeguards.

Msg #75300

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Republican Convention
By MikeC/TX on 7/8/20 3:53pm

A number of prominent Republicans have announced that they will not attend the Convention next month because of the coronavirus.

On the heels of that, the city of Jacksonville announced that masks will be required of all attendees at the convention. That is probably not going to go over too well with the nominee.

Msg #75282

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Mary Trump's book
By MikeC/TX on 7/7/20 6:00pm

has had the publication date pushed forward to next Tuesday. I've pre-ordered a copy, and it will drop onto my Kindle that day.

At a press conference today, Barbie McAninny said she hadn't even seen the book but it was full of lies. Really? You're able to determine that how, exactly, since you haven't even read it? That would be a heck of a talent for a book reviewer...

The bigger question is: why were the Trumps trying so hard to suppress the book? What were they afraid of? Could it be that it's not all lies? Trump has always lived his life in secrecy, which works fine when you're a private citizen. Now that he's POTUS, questions will be raised.

SCOTUS will announce its decisions on the remaining cases it heard this year tomorrow morning. Two of those relate to Trump's tax records. It could be an interesting morning.

Msg #75265

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8 year old girl shot in Atlanta
By bagger on 7/7/20 1:12pm

The shot came from a group of protesters occupying a section of the city!
Where is the outrage from the left.
I guess black lives matter sometimes, but when it doesn't fit your narrative, let's overlook this one.

Msg #75253

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Trump tweets that we must open the schools in September
By MikeC/TX on 7/6/20 5:32pm


It's not enough that you're killing their parents through your incompetence, now you want to kill the children too.

130,000 Americans died on your watch. Forget the "China Virus". This is now the Trump Virus - he owns it. Every dead American is his responsibility. And he doesn't care - no compassion, no empathy, he's more focused on Confederate monuments. This idiot cannot focus on what is actually important to the country, and yet the MAGAts continue to support him. Why??

Msg #75251

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So Jr's girfriend, Kimberly Guilfoil, has COVID
By MikeC/TX on 7/6/20 3:58pm

Which means the Jr likely has it as well. The height of stupidity - they went to a crowded party in the Hamptons where almost no one was wearing a mask - why is anyone surprised? All it takes is one or two people in the crowd to be infected, and you end up with a super-spreader event.

Meanwhile, people with access to Trump are still not required to wear a mask around him. The fact that he is tested every day is meaningless - you can be exposed to it 5 minutes after you tested negative. It's only a matter of time - you can poke the bear for a while, but eventually, the bear will poke back.

To make matters worse, the Governor of South Dakota was allowed to fly on Air Force 1 even though she was seen hugging Guilfoil shortly before she tested positive. Again, no masks.

Fun fact: Guilfoil used to be married to CA Governor Gavin Newsome.

Msg #75235

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So now - Kanye West for President - Aaaaand.....GO!!! n/m
By Linda_H/FL on 7/5/20 8:43am

Msg #75225

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More Than 3,000 Mail In Ballots In May NJ Election Rejected
By Moneyman/TX on 7/4/20 4:42pm

"More Than 3,000 Mail In Ballots In May NJ Election Rejected For Fraud"
Jun 29, 2020

The report above states that 2 Council members and 2 others were charged with voter fraud.

But hey, voting fraud is so rare that we shouldn't even worry about it, right?

I recall a state's federal representative election in 2018, i believe, that came down to one (1) single vote.

With the legitimate concerns raised in the linked report regarding the mail-in ballots in this recent election, can we still say that reasonable people cannot have valid concerns with opening up mail-in voting to everyone, or trying to move to an all mail-in voting system nationwide?

Msg #75224

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Election judge admits being bribed to stuff ballot boxes
By Moneyman/TX on 7/4/20 4:29pm

South Philly judge of elections admits he took bribes to stuff the ballot box for Democratic candidates
by Mensah M. Dean and Julie Shaw, Updated: May 21, 2020

Thoughts anyone?

Msg #75222

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A tale of two countries
By Bob_Chicago on 7/4/20 3:49pm

My lady friend's daughter and kids drove down from New England
last month to visit us. They were stopped by police as they entered FL and
told to quarantine for 14 days. They gave the police our address and contact info.
They did in fact quarantine at our house, but there was no contact or checking by
Gov Bozo's (oops DiSantis') Folks.
My son's in laws live in Canada in the summer, but in the US during the winter.
When they arrived in Canada last month, they were told to quarantine for 14 days,
They were contacted daily (usually in person) for the next two weeks.
Florida has about 21 million residents, while Canada has about 32 million.
Yesterday Florida had over 11,000 new C19 cases, Canada had less than 400.
Are we tired of winning yet?
Best wishes for a happy and safe 4th of July

Msg #75209

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Here's what it means to "open up the economy" without
By MikeC/TX on 7/2/20 5:20pm

taking precautions. From my local paper:

'After a Southern California truck driver began feeling ill and tested positive for the virus, he posted a heartfelt message on Facebook: “I went out a couple of weeks ago ... because of my stupidity I put my mom and sisters and my family’s health in jeopardy.” Weary of staying home, Thomas Macias, 51, had attended a barbecue with friends, one of whom later told him he had the virus but was asymptomatic. One day after his post, Macias died in a hospital."

The guy who infected him KNEW he had the virus, but went to the party anyway. And Thomas Macias died. How do you live with yourself after that?

Msg #75208

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Thwere's a reason the US doesn''t build a wall n the banks
By MikeC/TX on 7/2/20 4:49pm

of the Rio Grande - the barriers are typically a mile or two back because of the flood plain, which inconveniences some ranchers who live on the border because part of their land is on the wrong side of the wall.

That didn't stop this bright bulb, who thought he found a way to build a private wall right on the banks of the river and was able to raise money and parlay that into over $1.7 Billion in federal contracts. And his wall the experts said shouldn't be built is now in danger of falling into the Rio Grande, because ... science...

Msg #75207

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The Tulsa rally continues to claim victims
By MikeC/TX on 7/2/20 4:34pm

Multiple Trump staffers who were on the ground prior to the rally tested positive. Others have been quarantined after the rally. The City of Tulsa tested about 500 people in the past few days, and although it's not clear how many were at the rally, 100% of those tests came back positive.

And today we learned that 74-year-old Herman Cain, the former Presidential candidate who was at the rally and posed for pictures with a bunch of unmasked people who were in close contact with each other, has been hospitalized with COVID-19 10 days later. So Herm carried the virus from Tulsa to Atlanta and probably infected others in the process.

Wear. A. Mask. And distance yourself from others when you're out. Stay at home as much as you can. That's the only way we can get a handle on this thing until there is a vaccine.

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