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Thanks ASAP for coming through also!!! I do appreciate it!
By Lorraine George on 4/21/03 5:37pm

OK-it has been my lucky day-ASAP has come through also-thanks so much for the check-I do appreciate receiving the money. Thanks.

Lorraine George

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Thank you Notary America for Coming through after all!!
By Lorraine George on 4/21/03 11:39am

My Faith has been Restored! OK-this website has produced some results where Notary America is concerned-I formally retract my former statement regarding non payment issues. There is hope! They called me first thing this AM and are making good on what they owe me. They may have had growing pains and I will give them credit for trying to make this "right" since I really liked working with them anyway-they are at least trying to do the right thing. Thank you Notary America for coming through!

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Hart-Lee Notary Service Florida-where's my money?
By Lorraine George on 4/20/03 11:36pm

A gal out of Florida got me to do a signing over a 100 miles away from home and still hasn't paid me-she owes me a 100.00 and still I haven't gotten paid-her enterprise is called Hart-Lee Notary Service-she got paid 2 weeks after I did the signing -according to the ILS.

Lorraine George

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Need help getting payment from Notary America and ASAP
By Lorraine George on 4/20/03 11:25pm

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been signing for these companies for quite sometime and neither of them have bothered to pay me. The only other company that has failed me is Express Signings and I filed a complaint with the BBB in California on them. I can't live off love alone! I'm considering sending them to collection if they don't make an effort to pay me for my services. Any other suggestions? Notary America our of Tucson has really nice gals working there but their payroll dept isn't sending the money to me for my services-they owe me around 800 to 1000 already. Needless to say-they must like my services or they wouldn't use me-sure at free it's a good price-don't ya think?

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Notary Signing Agent Software
By Eugene Haug on 4/17/03 7:13pm

FYI there is an easy to use and inexpensive software program for Notary Signing Agents. It works just fine for me. Thought I would let you know. It is at

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Do Not Do Business With These Companies
By Albert E Thomka on 4/10/03 11:08am

I have been doing mobile signings for loan docs for over 5 years and I would be willing to give you the name of companies you should not do any business with. Send me a email and I will give you the names of companies that I would never do any business with ever. E-mail me at

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By Anonymous on 4/8/03 6:09pm

I have a signing service that has went out of business and left owing me $$. Want to know if anybody has shared my experience with this Co. and if they have gotten any satisfaction. you can inquire at

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Signing Company That Doesn't Pay
By Tina Perrone Bland on 3/29/03 10:01am

Your email address is not listed on your post. Could you email me the company name?


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Signing Company who doesn't pay
By Lorraine George on 3/28/03 1:21pm

I would like to Express my condolences to a Signings company who operates Nationwide who does not pay their notaries! Shame on you! I have asked you for payment 6 times and it has been three months since I signed for you. Believe me, it is the last time! If anyone would like to know the name of the company that has bilked me out of my wage-write me! She should be ashamed of herself!

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New signing Co. in O.C.
By Anonymous on 3/24/03 4:53pm is a new signing company in O.C. looking for:

Good, relaible and professional mobile notaries for nationwide signings.

Please call Stu Saddoris for any questions
800-969-5100 ext. 6#

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Notary Group Cruise
By Suzanne L. Neeley on 3/3/03 11:36am

At the risk of "spamming" this board, which is NOT my intent, I just wanted to let everyone know there is a group of Notaries planning a group cruise together in August. I have all the info if you'd like to get involved. It's going to be a lot of fun, and networking and sharing. Please email me for info because I don't want to clutter the board. Email:


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Sorry-I'm guilty of placing info on that site as well
By Lorraine George on 2/27/03 2:37pm

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Notaries Wanted Forum
By Anonymous on 2/24/03 5:08pm

Why is it that Notaries are advertising in the "Notaries Wanted Forum"? The forum clearly states that it's for "Signing agencies, closing companies and banks can use this forum to ADVERTISE THEIR ORGANIZATION to NOTARIES."

Nowhere does it state that NOTARIES should ADVERTISE THEIR SERVICES. I think the webmaster should delete those posts so that we can see if there are any actual ORGANIZATIONS wanting to ADVERTISE FOR notaries.

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New Member
By William A Darin on 2/17/03 10:49pm

I am happy to be associated with this new group and look forward to helpful and educational info on this forum.

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New Look
By Anonymous on 2/6/03 8:32pm

I like the new look. Things are really shaping up around here.

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Thanks for the forums
By Dana Wesson on 1/12/03 3:20pm

Thanks for putting me on your website and allowing me to have access to other notary advice and oppinions. I am always open to more ideas to advertise and get more calls. I have a problem with documents getting to me on time. I do my best and always get them sent out on time, but I have lost jobs because the docs have not been sent to me in time. I can receive email and fax docs, but some just don't want to use this via. Anyone have this problem?

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Happy New Year...New Business!!
By Mary Holden on 1/10/03 9:20pm

Looking to share information with other notaries ....I am always looking for new sites to register on, etc. Anyone seen anything good lately? Hope that business is good for everyone. Thanks!

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Out of State notarizations
By Anonymous on 1/3/03 10:05pm

You should always notarize documents according to the laws of the state the documents are being signed in (i.e. documents are from CA, but are being signed in SC, therefore the laws of SC govern the signing).

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Out of State notarizations
By Fay Hudson on 1/3/03 9:53am

When you receive an assignment and the loan documents are out of state, i.e., Nevada or Oregon, what is the proper procedure?

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Welcome to the General Discussion forum
By Harry [NR] on 12/30/02 1:05am

Please use this forum to discuss notarial procedures, share experiences, ask questions of your peers, etc. Please avoid the advertising of your services - that's what your profile is for. Thanks!

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