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Msg #632692

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Disturbing comment from SS scheduler just now ...
By  Yoli/CA on 6/12/21 3:53pm

Got a call for a seller signing this coming Monday. While accessing my Google calendar, I'm repeating the date/time/location/type info given by the scheduler. She says, "I don't know how you manage to keep all this organized." HUH??!!?? "I use a calendar."

Wonder how organized this SS is .... ?? We couldn't agree on a fee. Wink

Msg #632685

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Jail time for Fraud case
By anotaryinva on 6/12/21 8:32am

This guy should have gone to jail the first time!

Msg #632676

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I learned something new about flood insurance in FL
By Luckydog on 6/11/21 1:27pm

I called my agent to inquire about a flood policy as we are coming into hurricane season, and always good to have an extra layer of protection. My house is not in a flood zone, but on a flat yard, so it's not required and used to be pretty inexpensive when optional.

What I did find out is that all flood insurance policies in FL are based on a condition that if you flood by an outside water force intruding into your house, you also have to have (2) additional homes near yours that also have flood damage present at the same time.
Your flood policy will not pay out if you are the only one with damage and none of your neighbors do not have any. If you and 1 neighbor have damage, nope will not pay, has to be 2 additional homes.

Moral of the story: Make sure you don't buy a house in a gully or at the bottom of a hill. Your flood policy will not pay out if only you end up with a problem.
That was an eye-opener for sure!

Any inside pipe burst, water heaters etc are covered by your hazard insurance.

Msg #632665

3 replies
CA Notaries in the Greater Sacramento Area
By Alz on 6/10/21 8:20pm

Be advised of HWY 99's closure. Friday, June 11, 8:00pm - Wednesday, June 16, 4:00am.

Please plan your sign-ups/signings accordingly. IMJS

Msg #632660

4 replies
Interesting one-document assignment today
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/10/21 6:31pm

HECM DOT resigned, borrower was told to date it for 12 19 2019. Okay, but I'm notarizing your signature with today's date.

I figure lender will use the ack certificate from 12 19 2019, not mine, when it gets ready to record it.

Any anyone else had this experience?

Msg #632652

7 replies
By supersigner on 6/10/21 4:20pm

I have been doing signings for $100-110 dollars. I just realized when looking at past journals that I was getting that much 14 years ago! Something wrong here. I will up my fees. If I don't get them, I will enjoy my summer at the pool!

Msg #632645

14 replies
What Do You Charge For An Estate Planning Package in CA?
By VenturaCA on 6/10/21 10:45am

Most packages that I am running into have 14-16 signatures needing acknowledgment. Thank you in advance.

Msg #632637

1 replies
By MariaMO on 6/9/21 12:03pm


I appreciate input from anyone who has experience with either of these issues.

Does anyone use a cell signal booster in their vehicle? I'm looking at one that isn't carrier specific.

Has anyone recently switched from Android to Apple for phone and tablet? Are apps less buggy on an iPhone and are Hybrid closings smoother on an iPad?

Msg #632616

1 replies
Credible Witness in California
By Del Birmingham on 6/8/21 5:25pm

Can a spouse of someone who is named in a notarized document by the signer be a credible witness even if the spouse who is named in the docs doesn't stand to receive anything from the signer?

Msg #632604

3 replies
Santa Clara County Notary that lives in Central Valley Area?
By MIB/Calif on 6/7/21 5:09pm

Hello fellow notaries! I live in Central Valley but filing my notary oath and bond in Santa Clara County. I am trying to avoid a drive to Santa Clara County for this since we are all working from home still. I'm looking for a notary public that is commissioned in Santa Clara County but that lives in Central Valley. I'm filing my oath and bond via mail (because Santa Clara County Recorder office is still closed) and the instructions are that I need to take my oath to "another notary public in Santa Clara County". TIA for any feedback.

Msg #632593

22 replies
4506T and 4506C
By  Leslie_Mo on 6/7/21 12:19am

I recently did a signing that had both the 4506T and 4506C. Neither of them included dates of tax returns reviewed (those areas for a date were blank). The borrower noted that the form said not to sign if anything was left blank. I told him I had never seen one of these forms that didn't have a date inserted in that area. He called his lender and she told him that that happens all the time and that allows them to fill in the blank with a date if they were audited. He thanked her and asked me again if I had ever seen this form without dates filled in. I again told him no. He ended up signing the forms anyway. What's your opinion?

Msg #632586

22 replies
Subpoenaed for a QC notarization 5 years ago :)
By CaNotary777 on 6/6/21 3:13pm

Wanted to ask those esteemed members who have had the opportunity to go through this. The lawyer grilling me has asked for all communications and documents pertaining to the notarization. All I have is the notarization recorded in my journal. Since I've changed my phone at least 10 times over last 5 years 🤠, there is no possibility of finding out any text exchanges or anything related to that notarization.Never met the lady after that and I have zero recollection of that notarization. Any advice how to deal with this situation (meet with the prosecuting lawyer) will be sincerely appreciated. 🙏 Raj Sahu

Msg #632581

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Companies similar to Amrock
By Teresa Olguin on 6/6/21 12:59pm

Just wondering if anyone knows of any loan signing companies that are similar to Amrock that service the San Diego area? Thanks!

Msg #632577

7 replies
slow down in mtg refi's
By wally46 on 6/6/21 9:18am

Is the refi industry slowing down

Msg #632572

0 replies
RON or RIN in New Jersey
By  walthtz on 6/5/21 5:29pm

As of today, June 4, 2021. Gov Murphy has ended the Health Emergency. This in NJ. This means in addition to other items, the Temporary Law for RON / RIN has ended as well. Remote Notarizations are now banned.

Msg #632566

3 replies
xome change of app to title365
By Sakura on 6/5/21 12:31pm

Since they changed apps, only been getting random emails you can not accept or decline. New app is in beta now, the company is not really answering im imaging they are having bad software issues. I inquired further have not heard anything back. Has anyone heard anything in regards to this?

Msg #632565

9 replies
Influx low offers
By Sakura on 6/5/21 12:27pm

I have had a few calls, they ask my fee. Some are very polite ask if I can meet in the middle, lovely to work with if close sometimes I dont mind their customer service is nice. Im aware we are all in a business world. I have had a few recently call, and get nasty I politely decline. Prior to recently I have never had any be " that unprofessional, with an attitude that extreme like "how dare you". I take no personal offence business is business, we all have a bottom line depending on the area we live in. I have a certain standard I have to uphold to not go negative, always present myself with manors. Has anyone else experienced this influx of abrasive individuals recently when you decline their low offers?

Msg #632552

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Notary Portal out of Las Vegas, NV
By  Cheryl Elliott on 6/4/21 11:35am

Someone posted about this company earlier this year, but no one had any experience. Are there any updated experiences?

Notary Portal - Notary Portal eleasha-ward
Notary Portal. Home > Notary Portal. Contact Information Address: 2300 West Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102. Phone: 800-625-9010. Email: contact@notaryportaldotcom

Msg #632541

17 replies
Map program, being currently used by, Mobile Notary's
By Hiram on 6/3/21 4:55pm

I have been a signing agent for many years and have been using Microsoft Streets and Trips map program. It is missing many current streets so I set to work to replace it with an updated one. To my surprise, they don't make it anymore. I have found a number of new programs but it is hard to tell from the ads how compatible they are. Does anyone have recommendations on a useful program for finding addresses, route planning, and mileage count for PC use? Many thanks for any ideas!

Msg #632526

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CVR Notary Services, Bridgeton, MO -- G/B/U??
By  Yoli/CA on 6/3/21 8:48am

Another blast email. Gives following info:

Cory Robic
Vicki Robic
CVR Notary Services LLC
3346 Bridgeton Trails Dr.
Bridgeton, MO 63044
314.497.4897 (phone-Cory)
314.323.4951 (alternate contact-Vicki)
866.530.8069 (fax)

I don't see them in SC.

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