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Msg #625928

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How To Prepare Signers
By NVLSlady/VA on 10/29/20 11:59am

About a third of my interactions after accepting a signing is E-mail and phone Communication.

The correspondence below is just One that is sent to All. Many have verbally expressed their appreciation for my thoroughness. They know exactly what it means to work with a professional. Not perfect, by any means.

Dear Signer(s):

During this unusual time, our notary public is eager to update you on precautions being taken, as well as conditions affecting your remote closing. Signers are being asked to confirm specific health situations and to wear protective masks while in the presence of the notary witness. Also, clients are encouraged to sign out of doors (garage or deck/porch/patio) if at all possible during the pandemic.

Additionally, your Notary may have specific instructions to follow for the safety of all. Please do not hesitate to inform your notary of any concerns.

Please place ID in a closed Ziploc or comparable plastic bag.
Review Closing Statement IN ADVANCE of your signing and contact Loan Officer or Title Agent with questions.
Inform closing agent of income or employment status changes caused by the pandemic.

We want you to know that we are remaining vigilant and are actively adhering to guidelines supported by our industry while working to ensure a smooth and safe transaction for signers.

May you and yours remain well.

Northern Virginia Loan Signing

IMPORTANT*: Due to the current public health crisis, all signers will be asked to confirm whether:
ANY household family member(s) has/have returned from international travel within the last 14 days?
ANY household family member(s) has/have had close contact with Or cared for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days?
ANY household family member(s) has/have tested positive for COVID-19 Or experienced any cold or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days (fever, cough, sore throat, respiratory illness, difficulting breathing, etc.)?

*If the answer is “yes” to any questions, Notary services will be denied.

P.S. I may add, "Unless you are a cave-dweller, you've come to expect a Change in how your closing is conducted during these abnormal times."

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Another lost UPS package
By  Yoli/CA on 10/29/20 8:51am

Had one lost from a UPS dropbox in June. That package never tracked. TC opened investigation and I don't know what that final outcome was. That was dropped on a Saturday.

This morning, get an email of TC never receiving package signed 10/17th. Another Saturday. This was dropped at UPS Store. After that June fiasco, I don't use dropboxes. However, I was rushed. Store was busy with several people in line. So, I placed package on counter and informed clerk I was "just dropping off" and went on my way - without receipt.

WTH!! ;( Are Saturday drop offs cursed and to be avoided???

Msg #625910

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Got a 254 page VA refi package last night and began going
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/29/20 8:17am

through it. Two deeds of trust, assumable note rider, 3 copies of the CD, and scratching my head.

I emailed everyone on the CD, page 5, and sure enough, I received a corrected package of 83 pages, go figure.

Is it Friday yet?

Msg #625883

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Why me? This has become a common theme with two
By Alz on 10/28/20 11:03am

of my favorites TC since Msg #623602.

Other companies have either received my check by accident or the TC pays them by accident instead of me. Yites!

Maybe they are just exceptionally busy these days......but still.

Msg #625869

7 replies
New to this
By Louis Valdivieso on 10/28/20 8:58am

Hello All,

I'm a new notary public. I just started notarizing legal documents like jurats. I'm looking to gain more business, what recommendations would you offer to someone who is new? and which documents are the easiest to become familiar with that can generate more business? Honestly i will accept most forms of advice as I feel utterly overwhelmed with the information found in the internet I prefer to get the information from the voice of experience. Thanks.

Msg #625851

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How many of you
By  canotaryhere on 10/27/20 7:13pm

have had a title company call about a missing document that you know was in the package?
or a signing company that decided that a foreign passport wasn't ok for the patriot act (when you had done several signings for people from the same country and all the foreign passports were never mentioned)?or a company that swears they sent an email but you never received it? or incorrect addresses or phone numbers for the borrowers?
How about redraws that borrowers were never informed of?or even signings that borrowers were unaware they were scheduled for?
and then all the mistakes on docs- incorrect spellings, different figures,
It seems like this is all increasing lately.
Also, borrowers dont know how to fill out the PCOR and it seems like lately they are expected to and for what title companies charge it is nonsense. Even investors i know say they never had to do it themselves before.

Msg #625849

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Signer just rescheduled cuz his friend has a cold.
By NVLSlady/VA on 10/27/20 5:30pm

A TC client was having me sign a POA with a blind signer. Gentleman just told me his friend, also AIF (who was scheduled to come to help) is now sick and hopes it's not COVID. While we were working out alternatives, he thoughtfully asked how I felt about assisting in view of lack of social distancing. I told him I'm being very careful since I'll be meeting with others after. We rescheduled for next week. Hopefully that gives him time to get someone if turns out the friend has more than just "a cold."

A close friend of mine thought the same about her sickness. As you can guess, the darker side is true. She and her family are quarantining.

P.S. I told him I'd get the copy his friend has from Title if he wants. But it's up to him whether I have this personal info (He's paying me). Feel like a doctor (I've seen it all before!). But as I explained, "I don't have the closing yet." Don't want cart before Horse!

Msg #625838

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QuickSilva Title g/b/u
By Luckydog on 10/27/20 3:59pm

They offered pretty well, package about 130 pages, Vender pay w/ SD going by just "Title Company" when assigned. Docs came timely, so far so good. Does anyone have experience? I am only trying new companies if they Vendor Pay, so far that hasn't let me down.

Msg #625827

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SOS signings? Heard of them ?
By Jennifer Mumford on 10/27/20 1:59pm

Anyone heard of SOS signings company? I got a call but declined because I don’t want to do business with a company that may or may not pay. Any info would be appreciated. I did read their website - doing business from Dana Point.

Msg #625815

4 replies
got payment from Village Capital!
By CST on 10/27/20 1:01pm

I got paid for 2 jobs with them. I hadn't even sent a reminder or complaint. I was giving them this week to send payment. But I"m still not going to do any more of their loans with well over 200 pages to sign.

Msg #625799

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non mask-wearing borrowers- has anyone run into this?
By Roadie_MD on 10/27/20 11:50am

So today I was caught off guard with my borrowers. When I got to the door they asked me to wear a mask which I had in my hand ready to go. No problem. We go inside, sit at the dining room table, kids are at their school work stations in the next room. I get everything out and ask for their IDs. At this point they have not put on their masks and I ask them if they are going to. They tell me no, it is their house filled with their own germs. Needless to say, I was taken aback. Really caught off guard. I didn't have a response ready but I really wish I did. I really didn't trust myself to confront them to be honest.

Msg #625797

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title companies losing packages and docs
By  canotaryhere on 10/27/20 11:11am

Somewhere a buyers package was lost a few weeks ago so they had to re sign everything. It doesn't track but was dropped at fed ex with 2 other packages and have a rceipt. My guess is that it was delivered and somehow lost after theat. Then i get a call that the patriot act form was missing out of the package which is highly unlikely since the borrowers check was paperclipped to it and no one said the check was missing. it was the first page of the package. There have been a few other ones who claim a single page was missing. My guess is that those missing pages are on someones kitchen table or down in the couch cushion or somewhere but it is getting ridiculous. Also, PCOR's without being filled in by title . Borrowers don't know how to fill them in properly.

Msg #625794

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Hybrid signing yesterday, they got a call about SOCA fire
By  Cheryl Elliott on 10/27/20 10:53am

in Rancho Santa Margarita down south. Her 95 yo mother lives in a second story bedroom in a large home, has a full time caregiver since she has Altzheimers. They immediately panicked, as she is very frail and never goes downstairs.

I suggested they call the EMTs or Fire Department EMTs to get her down the stairs and to a safe place. The EMT's will know precisely what action to take.

That's exactly what borrower did, right on the spot.

Fires are nothing to fool around with. Move, immediately. Get out of their path. They are ruthless and move very fast in high winds.

Msg #625790

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Outdoor Closings In 15 Degree Weather Is Rough!
By PegiT_MN on 10/27/20 10:34am

I have been doing outdoor closings since the pandemic hit. Outdoors; in garages; on patios, decks, and balconies; poolside, lakeside, and curbside. Not sure what my options are at this point. COVID numbers are high here and we are getting a lot of patients from Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas being transported to our hospitals. I am hearing from the medical community that our ICU beds are filling up.

We had nine inches of snow here last week and the temperatures have dropped to mid teens. I had seven closings yesterday and it was difficult getting through all of them and trying to stay warm. I am learning that ink pens do not work well in this cold weather. I am not sure I am ready to go back into borrowers' homes yet, and I am not sure they are ready to have anyone in their homes.

To all my cold weather notaries out there . . . how are you conducting your closings and still keeping yourself and your borrowers safe?

Msg #625789

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sheesh on the scam Email
By Clem/CA on 10/27/20 9:32am

RE: URGENT!!!-Preliminary CD Package Has Been Generated

got this about 5 times in the last few days because people are responding, It has about 500 CC address on it Get a clue folks....

Msg #625770

8 replies
First Time I walked Out - Sorry long
By kcg on 10/26/20 2:38pm

In 15 years this was a first for me.

It started a little off kilter...when I called to confirm, he said oh, I had forgotten but ok.
On my way there, I get a call from title asked where I'm at. ? She said BO called wanting to know if I was still coming. Well, it was 9:30, signing was scheduled for 10. On my way. She said "i'll let everyone know". ??
I call him and said our appt is for 10am and I'm on my way. He gets a little loud and says " I told them 5X I wanted your name. I never asked where you were". Ok. I said I'll be there shortly. Then he says "my sister-in-law just got her notary license and she will sit with us and wants you to tell her what she needs to do so she can do what you do" ??? I said, oh sorry I cannot train her but I'll give her a number she can call.
I get there and she sits right next to me. I very nicely asked her to move away from the table - distancing.

I don't think BO liked that but he didn't say anything. I ID him, have him sign my book. The first 10 docs are t/c. I held out the page, gave a synopsis of what it said and slid it down to him. He picked it up to read it. Word for word. I explained that he had a 3 day RTC and can read the docs later. He still read it. Then signed. Same thing with 2nd doc which was Compliance Agreement. I told him what it said and he still had to read it. 3rd was Signature page. I said sign next to printed name. There was one name on the doc and he still had to read it line by line even tho the lines were blank. At that point I said "look, I cannot sit here while you read word for word. I explain what the document is and you have 3 days to read and cancel if you would like". Very nicely. He gets a little loud and says I am trying to rush him and he is not signing anything without reading it, blah, blah. At which point I said sorry, I don't have 3-4 hours to sit here while you read word for word. I will call and see if they can get another notary out here. And I don't even think he'd understand the docs anyway. If it was 15 mins for 3 title docs, I can't even imagine how long the loan docs would take.

T/C was nice. I explained it and she said they would give me print/trip fee.

I have never walked out of a signing before. I allow 1 hour....I always tell them what the docs say and they are welcome to read it...any questions just ask.

Anyone do anything different?

Msg #625763

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Notary Signing Agent Question
By Frank Cosenza on 10/26/20 12:03pm


This is new to me and I would greatly appreciate any assistance or advice you can share. I have just become a PA Notary Public. My next goal is to become a Mobile Notary Signing Agent. I researched using the internet I mostly see all kinds of courses. Can someone point me in the right direction and the correct way to become a signing agent?

My very best regards,


Msg #625761

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Amrock scheduling thru a kazillion different SS now. Watch! n/m
By Lee/AR on 10/26/20 11:15am

Msg #625748

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Quick Note to all the new notaries who've posted recently
By Linda_H/FL on 10/26/20 8:53am

I ran across something on another site and wanted to pass some info along to all of you - for your own protection

When filling out a W-9 to work with companies (and get paid) NEVER NEVER NEVER give them your own personal social security number. Before you get going, go to and PLEASE PLEASE get yourself an EIN - and give all hiring parties that federal number to report what they pay you. IRS will connect your SSN with your EIN so you'll report the income with your tax return using your EIN on the Schedule C.

I can't believe I'm still reading suggestions from notaries telling others to "just use your SSN" - NO!!! It's identity theft looking to happen. Protect yourself and get an EIN.

Off the soapbox now.

Msg #625744

2 replies
By Sheila Marlow on 10/26/20 8:38am

Hi, Has anyone heard of this company?

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