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 Re: Pricing and Fees by NorCalDar on 10/7/05
Posted by Nathan Ellsworth on 10/19/05 11:19pm

I am not so sure this is a true representation of the actual costs and profit of this hypothetical closing. I agree with some of this posts cost, I am skeptical about the vehicle expense but it's not worth debating. I don't think it costs $50 to do five notarizations. That may be what you are allowed to charge, but the actual cost is probably more like 1 cent. Therefore each notarization has a profit of $9.99. In addition I would remove the charges for time spent of $1.66, $7.50, $0.83 and $0.83.

So taking the cost of driving ($10) and the cost of printing ($12) you have a total of $22 dollars in cost. Let's say all tasks take you 2 hours (which I believe is longer than the original poster allocated) you have $78/2 = $39 per hour. Of course some of that will be allocated to fixed costs such as cell phone, internet, printer, and computer it's not a bad wage. Bottom line I would do this closing for $100 everyday. However, if I could get more I would.
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