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 Accepting an Assignment / Quoting Fee / EOM (+ to #33325)
Posted by  Brenda Stone on 7/26/05 4:13am

ASK like THIS...
Posted by TCMN on 7/25/05 10:05pm
Msg #54609 from logged in user

SS: "Hello CA, I'm wondering if you're available to do a closing tonight at 6pm?"

CA: "Where's it at?"

SS: "Lil-ole-town"

CA: "Is this a refi or heloc?"

SS: "Refi."

CA: "Who's the lender?, is it Ameriquest?"

SS: "no"

CA: "I'm available, what are you authorized to pay?"

SS: "$75, we only get $100"

CA: "I'm sorry, I won't do a refi, where I print docs and drive 45mins one way for that."

SS: "well, what would your fee be?"

CA: "$150, plus $25 for the printing and having a customer copy."

SS: "Would you take $110?"

CA: "No, I'm sorry. That would be my fee and since I'm the closest signing agent to that area and am available, see if you can find anyone else for less and when you don't find anyone for less, then when you get my fee approved give me a call back. I book up pretty fast though so, please don't wait too long, I'd like to help you out with this one."

I guarantee you, if your fees are not exessive, they call back. I generally get at least 70% calling me back. The thing you have to watch is taking control of the questioning, and staying firm when you answer. Make sure you have the knowledge of who your competition is and where they are traveling to. I know my area and have networked with the notaries in the area and we've banded together to have the same fees. And when some "snake" of a SS (and we all know who are the one's that low-ball) calls and we quote our fee and they don't bite, we call each other and tell each other what we quoted and then start going higher. That way one of us will get it and it'll be whomever they get in touch with the last time. We keep our fees up where they should be that way.

So, for all the people who don't want to network or think someone will take all your business...think out of the box and band together to bring the fees up. The companies HAVE TO get loans closed and should EVERYONE possible quote the same fees...they WILL pay it.

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