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 Re: Blacklisted Notary
Posted by PaigeTurner on 8/4/22 7:09pm

I have been in this business a long time. "Black listed" only means that the company doesn't use you. There is no network to my knowledge that sends memos out to their competition of other title companies or SS's warning them over a notary. Some platforms may have their private notes we are not aware of, so be it. We have this forum to rate them. I personally do not think you are on a blacklist, just new in a slowdown and high interest rates.
That being said, we all have either cut ties with companies or something happened and they cut us. It's one company that chose not to use you. Think of it as a win and their loss. One door closes two better doors open.
I wouldn't necessarily jump to conclusions of being blacklisted and think of it you are a newbie at the bottom competing with hundreds of experienced starving notaries out there. The business isn't there right now. My revenue is down 90% compared to 2020, and it is what it is.
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