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 Re: Brenda, those are the words of a good Mistarella - OT
Posted by  BrendaTx on 5/19/06 11:34am

WARNING - DO NOT READ if you are not interested in my philosophy on things!!!

Mistarella - Thanks for the kind words. It's lots of humility that got me here. I am clear on how insignificant I am if I am just living for myself. I am also clear that if I just tell a person "what's up" it is pretty the "what's up" is the hard part and what I see lacking in all but a few really significant people in my life.

Believe me, I was no easy student to win the attention of. As far as how people live their life....I went of my way to focus on ALL ABOUT ME, and to be in clear rebellion of anything that would make my life peaceful and simple. Nothing surprises me or makes me feel another is less than I because I know myself and how human I am.

I have gone to great lengths to give myself a lot of trouble in my lifetime...I was very blessed and fortunate to "get it" before it was too late. Oh there were some close calls!

People get into fixes that they did not necessary choose to get into but sometimes they just did not know a better if they stay there...that's yet another story.

Finally, I figured it's all about getting totally at peace with things...and that's something that, to me, has to come from a source far greater than I. My beliefs are very fundamental, but as you can tell from me making light of some of the pulpit pounders I do not necessarily think they have chosen the fundamental route. If you go straight to the Policy Manual, you figure that out.

The rest of it is prostitution of something very sacred and it's all about dollars, greed and power. The way those types make up their little kingdoms (even in the local pulpit) is by using fear, shame and guilt...those are abhorent and disgusting methods to me. Not all are that way, but so many have lost sight that the position of authority in one's worship place is not to accrue fame and assets for oneself.

The worth of a person is not in how another perceives them or judges them. We are all here for an important and specific purpose, IMHO. Whether or not we choose to accept that mission is up to the individual.

Now only if I can live up to my own standards...
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