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 Details and Accuracy are Important - adding to #33325
Posted by  BrendaTX on 7/14/05 11:00am

Below are notes from John/SLB, PAW-FL, BrendaTx

Re: Perspective of a Signing Agency Posted by John from SLB on 7/14/05 8:56am
Msg #51959 from

As Sherry says... it is hard to keep track of each part-timer's hours of availability, so we tend to hire those people who have no restrictions. One exception, is the closer who has a day job and is available only after 5PM or on weekends. We do use those if they are experienced.

The only other thing we tend to do is look for either: 1) a notary who has done many, many closings, but is not certified; or 2) a certified signing agent, who maybe has done fewer closings but has gone "the extra mile" with certification.

I also should mention... I personally won't even call a potential closer if their on-line resume on any of the various industry web site has errors, mis-spellings or poor grammer. I only hire those closers who cared enough about the job to enter a professional looking resume and answer all the questions.


PAW-FL Says in #51061:

Thank you John for saying that. I too am a very firm believer that one's use of the English language, including typographical errors and grammatical mistakes, is a direct reflection on how one performs their job. Having been a hiring manager for many years, I saw this play out all too often. And lately, it just seems that there is way too many that don't take the time to do it right, either by ignorance or just being lazy.

There <> Their <> They're is my pet peeve of the week.


BrendaTx (Adding)
Here are some examples of common mistakes:

* Do - Due
Do = Do you know what time it is?
Due = What is the due date?

* Know - No
Know = Do you know?
No = No I don't know.

* Knew - New
Knew = I knew her before you did.
New = Is that dress new?

* Advice - Advise
Advice = You give good advice.
Advise = I will advise you what to do.

* You're - Your
You're = You are a good speller.
Your = That is your choice.

*They're - There - Their
They're = They are = They are here.
There = There is my cap!
Their = Their shoes are over there.

* Who's - Whose
Who's = Who is going with us?
Whose = Whose books are those?

* Its - It's
It's = It is time for us to leave.
Its = The flashlight was new and its light was bright.

* Lose - Loose
Lose - Did you lose a client?
Loose - Did you attach a loose certificate?

* Notary Public
NOT Notary of Public
NOT Notary Republic

* More than one notary
Notaries Public
NOT notarys public
NOT Notary Publics

* Notary Commission or Notary License
It is not "I got my notary."
What you got was your notary commission or your notary license.

* Notarial Certificate
It is not, "I attached my notary." It is "I attached a certificate."

* Notarial
NOT Notorial


Here is a clue that you are young, lazy and inexperienced:

"How do u know what 2 attach 4 this?"
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