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 End of Month - Bonnie/FL Explains
Posted by  BrendaTX on 7/24/05 12:48pm

Re: The day before EOM seems to becoming EOM
Posted by Bonnie/FL on 7/24/05 9:47am
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Everyone wants to close the end of the month, look at the HUD and see the interest the borrower pays (from the date of closing until the end of month). The borrower looks at it that they are saving money by paying only a couple days interest instead of closing at the beginning or middle of the month. It's been that way since the beginning of time, the last week of every month for realtors, closers, lenders, title companies, lawyers who do real estate, etc. are the busiest for them all including us, the notaries. Also, some loan officers are pushing for "quotas" (used to be in this businesss too) so the more you can close by the end of the month, the better you looked to your employer. It happens to all of us the end of the month. Part of the business.
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