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 For Sylvia Re: Business License
Posted by Paul2_FL on 4/28/05 7:56pm

I sent this in the thread "Re: business licence?" but because of the length of that thread I sure you didn't see it so here it is again.

Hi Sylvia,

"Don't need one just to be a notary, but when we start running a business then we usually do need one."

I'm a little confused (not unusual) about your response above. Being a Notary and collecting fees is, in reality a business in that you are required by the IRS to declare all income received. (Especially since you will declare expenses as well.) When I applied for my certification I don't recall anything stating I had to get a city/county business license. I never gave this a thought! Is there something about being a "Notary" and "starting a business" that allows in one case not to require a license while in the other it does? Bottom line - Am I currently in violation of some city/county FL ordinance that I don't know about?
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