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 For anyone else who wants an email message:
Posted by Ernest_CT on 5/14/05 11:33pm

If you are a Premiere Member, please log in and post a message here using the "Add a link to my Profile" checkbox. If you are not a Premiere Member I cannot / will not give you the data. Sorry!

Call me selfish, but there's no point in my revealing certain information to my local competition. I will use your Profile to determine what area you cover. As long as your territory and mine do not overlap, I will be happy to share what I know about contacting and / or enrolling with any signing service, title company, or lender.

If you and I are local competitors, I will help you with any questions that do not have a negative impact on my ability to obtain signings. I will never intentionally tell you an untruth, nor recommend a signing service that I know to be a turkey. If you would like me to refer overflow work to you, I will.
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