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 Re: Just One Person
Posted by Luckydog on 8/14/19 10:38pm

Didn't I say this was his experience as a consumer?
This was his experience, perhaps could be one of the reasons for others as well.
Some people do not like to be harassed and feel pressured and intimidated. Maybe just that LO, who knows. Obviously, he was approved from another lender he felt more comfortable with, as I was doing his closing.
Being professional and civil from a company has nothing to do with being harassed and pressured nonstop by an aggressive LO. He said this LO called him no less than 10 times a day and not his first rodeo at this throughout the years.

My personal opinion now...No company is perfect, that's for sure. Even Quicken constantly dropping their fees to NSA's. #1 lender "supposedly" in the country and one of the top cheapo's to pay their NSA's Less than standard for a refi/ purchase AND make them jump through hoops controlling every step of the way...your time, when you leave, confirm with them, check-in, check-out...more work and stress, and then get a defect you get timed out 30 days, unless you contest it. On top you have to take special training, buy a tablet or laptop, wirless card and still do all of this for peanuts?? Doesn't make sense to me why anyone would really want to work for them other than they do pay on time. Volume?? Maybe. I have done plenty of Quicken loans through other vendors and get paid more through out the years. In this case working direct is not the way to go.

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