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 Re: OT, but somewhat related question for general knowledge
Posted by MikeC/TX on 5/16/19 6:16pm

Depending on the document, I've read that you should keep some for 5 to 7 years. For instance, I keep my tax returns and supporting documentation for 7 years - unless they suspect fraud, the IRS will never go further back than that. Realistically, I could probably cut it to 3 years, because that's more likely how far back they would go in a general audit if there are questions.

Expired insurance policies are pretty much useless because they're... well... expired. If you want to prove you HAD insurance at the time in question, I suspect the cover page showing the dates coverage began and ended would be enough. I can't imagine that any insurance company would pay out a claim years after the policy expired, but I'm not an insurance agent and that's just an educated guess.

Then we come to the situation the OP is dealing with - the legally required retention of what are in effect official records. TX law is clear about what goes in your journal, how long you have to retain your journals (forever), and what happens to them after you lose or resign your commission.

TX is one of those states that have minimal qualifications for being a notary public. There's no training and no need to show that you understand notary law before you get a commission. It's possibe that the OP simply wasn't aware of the record retention requirements at the time, because you wouldn't know it unless you read the little handbook that came with your commission letter. It's unfortunate that she's going through this - who expects to be subpoeaned for records 9 years after the fact?
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