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 Re: That ship has sailed. Technology and a glut of SA. But
Posted by  JanetK_CA on 6/23/22 7:12pm

Someone here asked the other day if people in California are doing RONs with notaries in other states. My guess is they are doing lots. I don't know about you, but I'm hearing a good amount of radio ads for Amrock, so they're probably doing plenty of loans here, just using RON notaries in different states.

I briefly looked into a refi for myself last January for some reno stuff I'm planning, and Amrock was the first company I contacted. (They seem to have the best terms and lowest costs, but I decided not to pursue it.) The person I spoke with mentioned (as a positive selling point, although I didn't see it that way... Wink) something to the effect that they could do the whole thing online. That seems to be one of their key marketing points anymore.
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