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 This thread's all-positive posts are from newbies/XYZ trolls
Posted by rolomia on 8/1/13 1:13am

First of all, XYZ is NotRot's competition. The fact that every post preceding mine in this thread proves that said posts authors are newbies and/or XYZ trolls. Otherwise, they would know better than to mention XYZ's name as other than XYZ. It IS considered advertising and is a violation of this forum's rules. Of course, I know better than to expect that said rules will be enforced against said posts' authors. Few of said rules are enforced, anymore.

Maybe Harry and his team of hand-picked moderators are relaxing said rules. That is fine for them. But, I liked the fact that this forum had such rules in place. Otherwise, it's value is diluted. Because, if advertising is now allowed, more threads like this will appear and Harry might see his membership roster dwindle on NotRot as many newbies and some NotRot veterans leave to try out said new/other forum.

By the way, any NSA who has spent even 5 mins. in this profession knows what XYZ is all about. And, the Linked-In forum for XYZ's NSA's is populated by newbies & XYZ trolls. So, if you say anything negative about XYZ, your comment will be deleted.

I, too, took their certif. course. I was charged separately for the background check. I even renewed when they called me promoting the now-defunct Trusted Enrollment Agent program, which no longer exists. The only reason I'm not still complaining is that XYZ made amends. I won't say how. But, they will work with you, somewhat. Maybe they're improving a little bit.

Every time that I called the NSA Hotline with questions that they advertised as being knowledgeable about, when I purchased said section membership, I was usually on hold for 15 mins. or more before an agent answered. When they finally did, they told me that I would need to ask an agent at the company that hired me, or the TC or lender.

I originally signed up in 2004. But, a membership agent who made an error cost me the now-minimal benefit of showing same from then. Now only shows since 2005. A year may not matter to you. But, it might make a difference to a TC/SS recruiter.

I've encountered many docs. in lender's packages that weren't covered in the certif. course. Also, I've only received 3 orders in 9 yrs. due to my listing on XYZ's online, signing agent directory. That's 1 order every 3 yrs. JMHO
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