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 Trustee with Power of Attorney - REAL QUESTION HERE
Posted by Sam on 6/13/05 9:40am

Wow peter - I think your legitimate inquiry got lost in the squabble about who is rude and who is just giving advice.

**Some of the docs are drawn up for John Doe to sign as trustee, some for him to sign as POA for his mother, and some just say "signature______". Question: How does should I have him sign the spaces that don't specify whose signature is needed?**

My answer is only an educated guess as I have not yet had a POA for a trustee. Hopefully this new post will attract some more attention for you.

Always look toward the top of each form to see what names are listed. If names are no where on the form; I think you can still assume that the required signatures will be the same as was requested on the note and the DOT. Obviously call title to get the correct answer!

When John signs as himself it is "John Doe, Trustee". When he signs as his mother, I am 99.9% sure it is "Jane Doe, Trustee by John Doe, attorney in fact." I have seen a form called a personal guarantee where the borrower had to sign as themselves and not as the trustee - in case the trust did not pay off the loan. Watch out for that form just in case.
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