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 Why would anyone take a course to learn how to lose money?
Posted by grapebed on 6/21/22 7:05pm

There are suckers born everyday. I just hate to get a phone call from a desperate notary who has spent over $500 on "notary boot camps, "loan signing courses" or "notary directories", can't afford to purchase a printet, asking if I could please hire them. I try to be empathetic as possible, tell them the truth and give them hope to find a real job. Most are out of touch and in denial. They "can't handle the truth"

Sad. Less than 5.0% of the graduates of those courses will ever earning a living....a substandard living at that.

I should produce and star in a "nothing but the truth" video. Who wants to be a special guest star in the video? Deep Throat-part 2.
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