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 Re: Yes, After Disbursement a loan can unfund--Here's Why/How
Posted by MI_Notary on 5/13/05 10:37am

Thanks for the information. It is very informative. I have been doing this for over 5 years and this is the first time this has come up for me and I wasn't aware of all of this. I mean I knew that a large part of mortgages are resold, especially when the loan originated at a mortgage office rather than a bank, etc. However, I never knew the specific details of the whole process loan resale process. Wouldn't it be easier if they requested copies of deeds during the loan application process -- to make sure all information is correct?? Just a thought.

Also, yes I know how mine is recorded. I keep all important/legal documents in one area so I have easy access to them. ;) and yes it does sound like you know your business!! I am very glad someone could help explain this as the ss certainly couldn't or at least wouldn't explain. It makes me want to futher investigate to learn more about it. I hate not knowing or wondering why something happens or does not happen. Thanks again!
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