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 digital camera
Posted by missyNV on 5/15/05 8:54am

Sorry, if I have upset anyone by asking a question that might have been posted already, but I felt that I wasn't getting what I really wanted to know out of the other previous posts. Keep in mind that sometimes that there are new people on the board with new insights on subjects. So maybe the guy who is notary/camera geek wasn't on that day. Technology does change.

I had read the previous post, but I guess I am so clueless about cameras I just wanted to ask again, all that pixel stuff confuses me. I really don't want to take pictures of everyones ID, only in case they have forgotten to do it themselves, and only if they don't care if I do it. I just didn't want to spend a lot of money on it.

I like the idea of maybe a cell phone taking good enough photos to suffice. Brenda, the magnifying glass might come in handy also for people who forgot their glasses. So, that might be a good investment in its own.

Thank you, Joan for your idea also. I will check that out . Thats seems like a great deal.

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