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Re: Brokers at closings
Posted by TCMN of MN on 7/24/05 12:51pm Msg #54257

That's starnge, everytime I have had a broker at the closing, they have called me after they've left their borrower's home and told me that they we're very impressed as to how I conducted the closing and they would request me for all of their closings from then on. They say it's refreshing to have someone that knew the documents so well, that I didn't have the table filled with papers all over, that I didn't go on and on about the docs and just breifly explained and said, sign here, that they didn't have to asnwer very many questions at all because I presented the docs with confidence and the borrower was secure in what their loan officer had gone over with them along the way. I have had brokers that were very "chummy" with their borrowers but I think it's how you carry yourself and take care of the situation and the other people should be able to "get" how it should be conducted. I like it better when the loan officers are there...then you know you shouldn't have any issues of the borrower's not knowing something or having surprises at the table. And I've never had any take longer than maybe another 5 mins more than usual. I take a few minutes at the end to comment on their home or whatnot and that is sufficient.

So, I like it when the brokers are there...jmho
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