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Working Direct - Pros & Cons
Posted by Alz of CA on 8/23/19 12:53pm Msg #609559
I think most professionals in our business strive to work direct, i.e. no middle person or entity.

Those that do work direct have certain advantages, but no one to my knowledge has mention any disadvantages.

Has there been any discussions about the pros and cons of working direct?

I’m sure most of you can list at least 3 pros right off the dome, but what about the cons? Are there any cons?

You know me, just curious…….
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 Working Direct - Pros & Cons - Alz on 8/23/19 12:53pm
 Re: Working Direct - Pros & Cons - Yoli/CA on 8/23/19 1:02pm
 Re: Working Direct - Pros & Cons- Agree with Yoli - ananotary on 8/23/19 5:08pm
 Re: Working Direct - Pros & Cons - Jules on 8/23/19 2:03pm
 Re: Working Direct - Pros & Cons - Alz on 8/23/19 4:29pm
 Re: Working Direct - Pros & Cons -  Cheryl Elliott on 8/23/19 2:06pm
 agree with Cheryl....the only con I can think of is... - notarydi/CA on 8/23/19 2:24pm
 All my eggs are in one basket...... - Alz on 8/23/19 4:48pm
 It doesn't hurt at all not to be available every time you're -  Cheryl Elliott on 8/23/19 4:51pm
 Agreed. Sometimes the "Gone Fishing" sign is up. n/m - Alz on 8/23/19 5:53pm
 Re: All my eggs are in one basket...... - Luckydog on 8/23/19 5:45pm
 Absolutley agree, Cheryl. One direct client of mine is - ananotary on 8/23/19 5:07pm
 Re: Absolutley agree, Cheryl. One direct client of mine is - pdl/cali on 8/23/19 10:01pm
 I hear you...drove 100 miles one night in the sleet/snow -  Cheryl Elliott on 8/23/19 11:03pm

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