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Re: Expansion of Vermont emergency RON and enotary rules
Posted by VT_Syrup of VT on 3/23/24 10:49am Msg #648071
The rules were indeed first passed as a response to COVID-19. The first version and all the extensions until this March 2024 one only allowed remote acts if both the signer and the notary were in Vermont, and the signer had to say on the video they were in Vermont. Also, the notarial act could only be performed on a paper document. The signer could sign a paper or electronic document and transmit it to the notary, who would print it and perform the act on the paper. Or the signer could send the paper document to the notary by mail and the notary would perform the act on the paper, with special language in the certificate to state the date of the video meeting, which was the notarization date, and the date the paper was received and signed by the notary.

After COVID subsided, the Secretary of State and the official advisers to the SOS for notaries couldn't get their act together and get some permanent rules put together, so there have been a series of emergency extensions. Permanent rules would require notices to the public and public hearings. I have the next meeting of the advisors on my calendar:

April 5, 1:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time

A link to the meeting may be found on the Office of Professional Regulation calendar page:
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