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Re: Hell no you weren't wrong!
Posted by Anonymous from of CA on 3/29/06 2:59am Msg #109249
You were by far from wrong, lately there have been at least 8 siging companies that I have been doing business for in the past 8 months to a year, and now they think that I owe them something, so they have all been asking me to do signings for 45 dollars, and 50 dollars, they only kind of siging that I will do for 50 is a signing that will take me under 15 minutes to get there, and to sign, which most of the time those are modifications. That is the ONLY thing that I will sign for that price, and alot of the times not even at that price will I sign for that much. I usually get around 75 for mods, and I am in California.
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